What is best? Hotel marketing or a career in dentistry?

What is best? Hotel marketing or a career in dentistry?

What is best? Hotel marketing or a career in dentistry?


Just ask friends that already work in both fields and maybe visit them to see them in action, it is very important you choose a career that you really like- otherwise you will never succeed.


If your career in Dentistry means that you become a Dentist, that would be the better position. It will take you several more years to complete the necessary education but it should be worth it in the long run.



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Dental assistant wanting to be oral surgery assistant?
Hi Scott ~ There are no required programs for assisting in any specialty, including oral surgery.. but some Certified assistants go on to earn an Expanded Duty license and become Registered Assistants. That's what I did, but I stayed in General Dentistry. Most just learn on the job in a specialty...

Where can i find a dentist office that accept share of cost medicaid in miami/?
Most states dont cover adults for any dental services. If your state does but you have Medicaid with a Share of Cost, you have to spend that out of your own pocket first before Medicaid will cover the rest of the cost.

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The college you go to with the degree makes a big difference. You should take out a loan and pay it back in about 10-15 years now, after you have a career as a dentist. If you were the boss of a medical company, and two applicants came in. One from the prestigious Harvard Medical School and...

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I just read about a new center for advanced dental education that will be headed by Dr. Gordon Christensen in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Check out http://www.thescottsdalecenter.com/ and see if they have what you need. They will be opening in April, but I am sure that anything GC is associated...