What is the best convention center in Atlanta?

What is the best convention center in Atlanta?

What is the best convention center in Atlanta?



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Undue Influence???? Dentist??? New York State Education Department???
It could mean that a patient did not pay up and the dr then may have asked for the money but not in polite manner. You may get more help by posting in the legal section

Delta Dental PPO Preferred?
I have had Delta foever and I was fortuneate enough to get it with my current employer. The coverage is simple and you can easily find out how much you owe or whats covered before any work is done. DPO is better than DHMO since you can go to better higher end dentists than the cheapo limited...

This Guy I'm Seeing Has Rotten Teeth Help?
I have had a similar situation. We had met online and we lived in the same town. I was thinking holy crap this is great. BUT in every one of his pictures he was smiling without teeth. Just a grin and bear with no teeth kind of smile. Anyways we planned a date to meet and hang out. The first...

My Dentist refers to "my history of drug abuse" in a letter explaining treatment issues. Is this malpractice?
Your dentist is more knowledgeable in that field. He knows that you're using drugs for medical reasons, and I don't think that he's insulting you. He just doesn't know why there were a lot of drugs in your system. Just tell your dentist that you were prescribed drugs for medical reasons. No...

Cons (& Pros) of CAD/CAM Dentistry?
They can be good, but many dentists don't do them quite right and the bonding materials they come with are not the best. The studies show that they have a higher fracture rate than resin onlays. If they are placed properly (few dentists REALLY know how), it can last you for years, but will...