What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?

What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?

What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?



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Dental Assistant?
You should be able to do a google search or call local colleges and find out if there is a place near you that offers a dental assisting training course. Some are only 10 weeks, while others are as much as a year. Every state is different on the requirements of dental assistants. The dentist...

Terrified of dentist!!! shots?pills?gas? what to choose???
Just to give you some background info I will tell you that I was so terrified of the dentist that I couldn't even make my own appointment, my daughter in law had to do it for me. I was so scared that I was crying in the waiting room - I'm 52 years old by the way! The dentist she found for me...

Professional Dentists, please answer?
It is common for the dentist to jab an area that he feels is suspicious, if the area he jabs feels soft he may suggest an Xray - it is not to ensure additional visits. If your gum still hurts a few weeks later you might have an underlying problem, with your gum or root. Did you tell them that...

Help my 1 year old has cavities!?
Personal experience here! And of course no judgment, I got enough of that from the dentists, I'm not spreading it around! First of all, don't go to "the best kid's dentist" in the area. You need to find a board certified pediatric dentist. This was the mistake we made when I found cavities...

Cost of Professinally Dentist made whitening trays?
My mom is using them right now. Her custom made trays and whitening gel cost $500 and we live in central NC. All the employees at out dentist swear by them and they have really white teeth.