What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?

What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?

What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?



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Anyone know the cost difference between a regular root canal procedure and an emergency one?
My husband and I recently got dental benefits through Ameriplan - although he HAS dental insurance they wouldn't cover the implant, as Delta Dental considers it cosmetic. The out of pocket cost would have been $3000, and with Ameriplan he's getting it done for $1600. For the benefit we pay...

How much do people in the UK know about the US?
A lot, we steal a good bit of popular culture from you. Most schoolkids have to read books by Mark Twain, Tenessee Williams and Harper Lee, the National geographic can be found on the table in most dentist suregeries (and in fact my doormat). Many Brits holiday in Florida and California,...

Incapacity benefit...Advice with Dentist fees???
Incapacity benefit does not itself entitle a person to free NHS dental treatment however a proportion of Incapacity Benefit is often made up with Income Support which does entitle one to free treatment. Your partner needs to check her awards letters and see if any part of her claim is made...

Is there any good dentist in Orlando/ Kissimmee area?
There is a good dental directory at www.smarthealthbuyer.com they may have some good dentists in the area, otherwise they will have prices of average procedures in your area

Where can you get good cosmetic dentistry in Houston, Tx that is not priced out of this world.?
Donna, It is not neccessary to travel to a foreign country to save money on dental treatments. Most dental insurance plans in Houston have waiting long periods when it comes to dental crowns and dental implants, after you join. In fact some insurance companies do not cover dentalimplants at...