What is the white material dentists use for white filling and how does it set?

What is the white material dentists use for white filling and how does it set?

What is the white material dentists use for white filling and how does it set?


Porcelain, Some is light cured & some just a little time & chemical cure!! Doc W


The material the dentist uses for white fillings is called Composite and it's a resin based material. When the filling material is placed into the said cavity a very bright light called a Curing Light is used, this light enables the material to set straight away so that the patient can use the tooth asap and there is no need for them to avoid biting down for 24 hours which is the normal procedure after having an amalgam filling done!


I believe it is Porcelain but I'm not sure how it is set. Melted Maybe and filled in the Cavity?



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