What kind of aquarium/tank fish is this?

What kind of aquarium/tank fish is this?

What kind of aquarium/tank fish is this?


could be a silver pitcus catfish, young ones tend to be very active, but if you saw a one that is less active, it could be an older specimen. it could be alot of other species, as grey and black is a common coloration. Another thing that comes to mind is a SAE and a flying fox. Again it can be a wide range of species, but if you can edit with some more details, like what kind of black, IE spots, stripes etc...


It could be a pictus cat fish. Warning , though, those are babies -- they grow to a footlong. That doctor's office has babies.


Sounds like Bala Sharks to me. If not then possibly Iridescent Sharks. Check the links below. Next Guess: Possibly a Sucker Barb or Siam Highfin Shark (Barbichthys Nitidus)? Additional details: Does your dentist have a salt water tank?


it sounds like some sort of bottom-feeder.


That sounds like some kind of cory cat or a pleco check out the following links, hope you will find it -) http://www.peteducation.com/category_sum... http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/gen... http://scotcat.com/home.htm Hope that helps good luck EB



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