What kind of caps do dentists put on children's teeth?

What kind of caps do dentists put on children's teeth?

What kind of caps do dentists put on children's teeth?


If the teeth are in the front,usually the first four (for our dentist),they give you the option of porcelain. The rest are the sliver ones. I would call your dentist and find out because they charge extra for the porcelain. Also, when you call make sure you talk about if they fall out if they will replace them. My kids' dentist will replace any caps they placed for free if they fall out. My daughter has a few caps.


they'll do whatever you are willing to pay for but he is going to outgrow them so fast it's better to go the less expensive route


They do the silver caps on thier teeth. Once you kids teeth fall out and he gets his permanant teeth there is this thing called sealants. You can get them on thier teeth and it protects them for several years that way they don't get cavities. But the teeth have to be healthy to be able to do that.


I'm a dental hygienist - the dentist will put non precious metal (NOT AMALGAM which is the one containing mercury - so long as it is a 'cap' your asking about and not fillings...) If it's a front tooth, chances are if they are too full of decay to put a normal filling, they'll just pull them out and leave a gap until the permanent teeth come through. PLEASE ask for oral hygiene advise - please don't ruin his permanent teeth!


Whatever you do don't let them put any kind of metal in his mouth. It contains mercury which will leach into his blood stream over time. If they tell you that I'm full of it don't believe them because it's true and can be verified.



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