What school is good to become a dental hygienist?

What school is good to become a dental hygienist?

What school is good to become a dental hygienist?



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I need a great, cheap dentist in Austin TX?
The words "great," "cheap," and "dentist" do not go together. --) There are great dentists, there are cheap dentists, but there are no great cheap dentists anywhere in the country. (One exception: sometimes dentists do volunteer work at clinics in impoverished areas. My great--not cheap--dentist...

Is my university education plan possible with ROTC?
As I understand it, you can attend med school after ROTC and not only will the army let you complete Med school, but if you apply and are accepted, you can get a med school scholarship (Much like ROTC, except for medical school). The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is a program...

Best Dentistry School?
University of the Pacific and UCSF. Both schools get high remarks and rankings for their dental school. Univ of the Pacific is in Stockton, CA (not too far from the SF bay area) and UCSF is in SF, CA

What do you think of faith based churches that pray over sick children and watch them die?
Definitely a cult. Got this from Wikipedia: The Followers of Christ is an unorthodox fundamentalist Christian denomination based in the U.S. state of Oregon. The church is Pentecostal in origin, and believes in a literal interpretation of Scripture, including in the power of faith healing...

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