What to do about bad dentists?

What to do about bad dentists?

What to do about bad dentists?



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How can I find out what dentists my insurance covers?
I have Anthem Blue Cross, and all their providers are listed in the book they gave you, and they are all on their web site - which should be on your card. You can also just call your (or any) dentist and ask. Good luck.

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us "white" people are not trying to destroy the u.s they are not trying to blow up buildings and destroy the whole counrty and people joined them in prison for protection tom v has it exactly right...thats why pedofiles are in their own part of a prison so they dont get killed by the general...

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Would a specialist doctor or specialist dentist earn more money?
I think it would depend on whether you do private work or not. I would assume that medical professionals have the potential to earn much more than dentists.