What to do when you are all alone and need sedation?

What to do when you are all alone and need sedation?

What to do when you are all alone and need sedation?


Call a reliable charity or those people that take old people around. Maybe you could pay them to take you and get a little bit of extra care than a taxi just dropping you off. Also, someone from a church could help. Even if you haven't been in a while, if they know you used to go they would probably be happy to help you.


Get the number for a taxi company and have them take you home?



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TO ANY DENTISTS AROUND! or someone that knows about dentistry?
Hello, I am a dental assistant and have been one for over 10 years and the best way to answer your questions is probably to sch. an appt. with your dentist, there are several options for you, one would involve crowns or "caps" which yes they do shape the tooth down to a peg and use a cement...

Do dentist charge extra on clear retainers?
'clear retainers' and those with a 'metal line'are not interchangeable, you can not use one or the other, the condition of the teeth and how they must be retained deictates the type of retainer used. They are basicall the same cost, that should not be a factor...good luck

Are there any additional dental specialties besides the ones listed below?
Cosmetic is not recognized as a specialty that you need further training for. Some general dentist call themselves cosmetic b/c that is what they like doing the most. Oral Surgery is the same as oral and maxillofacial surgery You listed perio and ortho twice You missed Prosthodontics -- it's...

Hi, do anyone think that cosmetic dentistry can ensure long lasting white teeth ? Is it safe to undergo this?
Hi Rohit My aunt who also stays in Vancouver had the same problems a year ago. She had the habit of eating spicy foods which resulted in acid reflux. Repeated occurrence of acidity causes eroding of enamel and leaves yellow stains on the teeth. I visited to her place in the last winter and...

Who is the best in OKC for full denture implants..????
You will find lots of great general dentists, implant dentists and denturists in the Oklahoma City area on the eHealthPlus networks. Just search by zip code and talk to their offices about dental implants. If you feel good about the dentist, stick with them.