What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?


Well, if it's only a consultation, it will probably be only a half-hour appointment. After he examines your teeth, he will tell you what needs 'fixin.' He should also tell you what the total costs will be. However, if this is an emergency, he may do something short term, i.e., a quick fix, to get you by until you can schedule a longer appointment for a permanent fix. Good Luck!



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Okay do not listen to the first answer. They do not do that. I have had braces 2 times and I currently have them right now. I have never had "benders" I've had spacers. Spacers are these tiny rubber bands that they stick between your molars. They hurt at first, but you will get used to them...

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yes there registers you can access to check and how long they have practiced and qualified etc.

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v Preventative -Preventative means "preventing cavities, periodontal disease, BEFORE they happen." Treatments include: cleanings, fluoride, sealants, etc. v Special Needs -usually referring to treatment of mentally handicapped, or physical disabled patient care. Some systemic conditions can...