What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?


Well, if it's only a consultation, it will probably be only a half-hour appointment. After he examines your teeth, he will tell you what needs 'fixin.' He should also tell you what the total costs will be. However, if this is an emergency, he may do something short term, i.e., a quick fix, to get you by until you can schedule a longer appointment for a permanent fix. Good Luck!



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Is there a dentist in my area that accepts HealthEase/Medicaid?
seriously - the best way to find a dentist that takes your insurance is to call the local dentists in your area and ask the recptionist. if they do not take it- she might know someone who does.

Dentist school help please...?
Are you in high school or college now? Your high school grades won't count at all towards dental school. Your college GPA should be up around 3.6. It can be lower, but then your test scores need to be great to balance it out. You might not make it into the most prestigious dental school, but...

Is this a good dental college?
Dental schools have their requirements clearly listed on their websites.

How Much Does a Dentist Vist/Teeth Clean Cost?
It depends on several thing like where you live, if you get a full set of x-rays or just bite wing (cavity) x-rays, and how difficult it will be to clean your teeth. A rough estimate is $70 for an exam. X-rays $40-$90. Cleaning $65-$95. It would be best to call the dental office and they...

Can you make an appointment for more than one thing?
Yes to all of your questions. You can make an appoint for as many problems as you need to discuss. And Kaiser is very good about letting you change doctors. Keep in mind that you may be assigned to a gynecologist for your pap and cycle issues and to an internist for your physical. However...