What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?

What to expect at consultation with dentist?


Well, if it's only a consultation, it will probably be only a half-hour appointment. After he examines your teeth, he will tell you what needs 'fixin.' He should also tell you what the total costs will be. However, if this is an emergency, he may do something short term, i.e., a quick fix, to get you by until you can schedule a longer appointment for a permanent fix. Good Luck!



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Can an employer ask for a dentist phone number to check up an an employee?
Why not ask the employee to bring a note from the dentist to confirm the appointment.

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11377. (a) Except as authorized by law and as otherwise provided in subdivision (b) or Section 11375, or in Article 7 (commencing with Section 4211) of Chapter 9 of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, every person who possesses any controlled substance which is (1) classified...

Oral sedation. HELP! Anyone know if it works?
Hi there...let me tell you about the pros and cons of oral sedation. Oral sedation dentistry is great for going through the anxiety of a typical dental visit. It is a fairly new type of dental practice in which patients are either awake and relaxed, or completely asleep during the entire procedure...

Tooth sensitivity?
I recommend starting with Sensodyne Toothpaste (over the counter). Sensodyne will take 2-6 months of use before you will feel the results. You can seek care from your dentist: ask for a desensitizing agent with customized delivery trays...this will remove sensitivity within days of using...

Mexico Dentist for my Wisdom Tooth Extraction??? ?
Think about going to one of the local universities that have a dental school, 3rd year students supervised by teaching professors, sometime just like barber school etc, you get a cheap haircut etc...Crossing the border has it's up and downs, you have to shop around, my wife had a tooth implant...