What would you do if this was your family?

What would you do if this was your family?

What would you do if this was your family?


Destiny Noelle Jenson 42, Graphic Designer Levi Maxwell Jenson 39, Veterinarian (twin boys) Beau Thomas & Luke Bradley (Boy 13) Jacob Michael Skittles Sacramento, California


Rachel Victoria O'Brian 34, children's book writer Alexander Ryan McClain 39, Vet Elijah Matthew and Grace Isabelle Boy (13) Jacob Michael Skittles & Nutella Miami, Florida


Autumn Lucille Maxwell, 34, children's book writer Jason Thomas O'Brien, 37, stay at home dad Twin boys 11 minutes apart - Alexander Joseph and Ross Michael Girl, 6 months - Brooklyn Delilah Pets: Nutella - small brown rabbit Skittles - full grown beagle Albany, New York


Eleanor Grace McClain 34, Children's book writer Alexander Ryan McClain 39, Veterinarian Twin girls 2 mins apart. Grace Isabelle and Paige Mackenzie Girl (4) Leah Victoria Skittles ( full grown beagle) and Nutella ( Brown Small rabbitt) Sacramento, California :)


Eleanore Grace McClain 45, stay at home mom Alexander Ryan McClain 45, Dentist Twin girls 2 mins apart. Hayden Mae & Tyler Janice Boy: 6 Lucas John Skittles (full grown beagle) Miami, Florida


Eleanor Grace McClain 45 stay at home mom Alexander Ryan McClain 45 dentist Twin boys 11 mins apart: William Jonathan & Edward Anthony Cecilia Margaux Nutella & Skittles Sacramento cali


Autumn Lucille Maxwell , 34 Children's book writer Ross Adam Maxwell 39, Veterinarian Twin girls 2 mins apart. Grace Isabelle and Paige Mackenzie Cecilia Margaux Nutella ( Brown Small rabbit) and Lovebug ( Guinea Pig) Miami, Florida do another one of these it was fun


Eleanor Grace McClain 34, Children's book writer Levi Maxwell Jenson 39, Veterinarian Kiera Meredith Rose Evangeline age 7, 7 minutes apart Benjamin Isaac age 5 Nutella (small, brown rabbit) Skittles (Beagle) Albany, New York Do more!


Fascinating question. Do more for sure.. 1. Destiny Noelle Jenson 2. 34, Children's book writer (Already love writing) 3. Not sure if it has to have same last name, but if not then Jason Thomas O'Brien 4. 39, Veterinarian 5. I'd rather pick my own. Hazel Marie and Aria Grace (4 minutes apart) 6. Don't like any of those names, I'll pick my own. Ezra James (14) 7. Nutella ( Brown Small rabbitt) and Lovebug ( Guinea Pig) 8. Sacramento, California (Love warmth and city) Lovely question xx


Autumn Lucille Maxwell 45, Stay at home mom Jason Thomas O'Brien 45, Dentist Twin boys 2 minutes apart (my own) Ezra Michael and Gabriel Douglas Girl (6 months) Brooklyn Delilah Skittles ( full grown beagle) Nutella ( Brown Small rabbitt) Minneapolis ,Minnesota



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