What's a really cheap dentist in SF?

What's a really cheap dentist in SF?

What's a really cheap dentist in SF?



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Do you have to have perfect teeth to get a oral appliance for sleep apnea?
Few patients with sleep apnea have perfect teeth, and even healthy people. You can have a dental device for your teeth, however you must consult a dentist first. He will explain what to do in this situation.

Army ROTC - Dentist. Need help understanding the process...?
Uh...Dentist = 6-8 years ON TOP of your Bachelors. Focus on getting a Bachelors either using ROTC or not. THEN 4 years down the road focus on GETTING INTO an accredited Dental School (which is VERY difficult). If you should succeed at getting into a Dental School you can apply for the Army...

Help with orthodentist in Pasadena, CA!!!?
http://local.yahoo.com/CA/Pasadena/Healt... There a list in that site.

I want to be a doctor who has his own practice. Should I major or minor in Buisiness?
There is so much information available on opening a small practice (renting space, buying a retirees client list, etc., etc. ) that you really don't need more than a minor, if that. Business entrepreneurship is so much more involved and it's based more on products, supply and demand, advertising...

Dentists gloves turn yellow?
Funny is right. I give local anesthesia in the dentist office, and even the gel they give you to numb the tissue before the shot can discolor the gloves. When you do fillings you are messing with all sorts of materials and solutions. They can turn the glove brown.