What's the difference between an osteopath and a massage therapist?

What's the difference between an osteopath and a massage therapist?

What's the difference between an osteopath and a massage therapist?


An osteopath is a medical doctor who has received "additional training" in the practices most commonly associated with chiropractors who are not medical doctors but may be paid with insurance in some states. A massage therapist should have training in physiology and the techniques of working with injured people, but her (usually) training is tightly focused on her specialty.


info below on osteopaths massage therapists give you a massage to help relieve pain or just relax you or help in the recovery of injury,treat depression etc.They do not diagnose diseases, prescribe medication or do surgery etc. They are not like MD's-an osteopath is more of a doctor who tends to be more holistic, and can specialize just like any doctor- in OB or family medicine etc..but read the website about them below to get exact.



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