Where can I find a good dentist?

Where can I find a good dentist?

Where can I find a good dentist?



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Dentist office?
yes I agree with pug you most likely have TMJ its your temendibaler joints of the jaw I know this all to well when you go they recommend a tmj appliance and there very expensive from your dentist They are about 600.00 yes your sight is fine but yes that's what I paid for mine I have a very...

How much does teeth whitening cost?
i live in perth and i have a teeth whitening kit from my dentist that costed $300.00 ..You can get them whitened once and have instant results but it's costs about $500.00 otherwise what i had was they take a mold of your mouth and make you plastic guards that fit your teeth and you pour whitening...

I need help my graham teeth are broken?
You definitely need to see a dentist or oral surgeon, and the sooner the better!

I would like to become a dentist but i need help..?
1. what percent of students become a dentist Almost all of the students that get enrolled come out successful. Maybe only 2 - 3 % do not complete the courses. That may not be related to merit only. People have so many unfortunate things that can happen to them. 2. is there different levels...