Where can i find affordable dentures?

Where can i find affordable dentures?

Where can i find affordable dentures?


Try Aspen Dental and Affordable Dentures. I've used both. Affordable Dentures you can go in the morning (first come, first served), get fitted and get your dentures that afternoon. They don't accept checks only credit cards or cash. Also, they have package deals. Aspen Dental requires an appointment. They also have various packages that will meet your pocket book, and a great follow ups. Aspen will accept checks, cash or help you acquire credit thru Care Credit with low monthly payments. You might also want to check with your dental schools for some of your extractions. My experience getting new dentures was having a few teeth pulled at a time, giving your gums a chance to heal. If you have all of your teeth pulled at once, and then put temporary dentures in, you'll have a lot of swelling plus need a permanent set.


I live no where near you but I do know that there are affordable dentures.are you getting tops and bottoms? Here is a web site that may be able to help you find a dentist who can work with you http://www.dentalfearcentral.org/forum/i... It is a dental fear forum but they have a area that recommend dentists and can help with suggestions to pay. I had 14 teeth extracted and a upper denture for around $2,750...I had a friend who got really cheep dentures and she had a horrible time.You get what you pay for,here in CA they have care credit which allows you to make payments maybe there is something like that around you....you could also consider just being numb when having the teeth pulled that's what I did and I did OK and didn't feel any pain but I did that because I couldn't afford to be put to sleep. Check out that site they have good recommendations and keep calling around and get a few estimates from different dentist. Good Luck and if you need anything feel free to email me. But please don't get the cheapest ones you can find because your mouth is important and ill fitting dentures can cause more damage....I know its tempting but 300 dollars for something that was quated 6,000.oo sounds to good to be true and it usually is


The brands BPS denture and Success denture are quite comfortble. You may try affordable dentures either at Affordable Denture or else google search for Affordable BPS Dentures in India or Affordable Success dentures in India from where you will come back smiling spending less than half of amount in total expenses. Good luck.


Where in North Carolina can you find the best dentures at reasonable price


You should try a dental school where they are learning how to do perform different procedures. I live in Texas and my grandpa went to the university of texas dental branch and they gave him dentures for real cheap So go and check t out maybe theres a dental school near you.


How about Dentures and Dental Services (DDS). They do awesome work and their prices are very reasonable. Check them out in TX, OK, MS, AK and LA


If you are willing to travel there is a Place in Nc my boss got her top set for 300 bucks! i cant think of the name of it i will ask.. and email it to you. just to give you a little bit of information it is the same day service with no appointment. you take a number and then you are called. they pull them and the next day they fit... you do suppose to go back a year later to get the permanent ones. My boss didnt she just had hers ground down or something. Just to let you know this place has been in north carolina for YEARS!! Im from florida so everyone there travels up there to get them done with no problems!!!!


i need to price dentures





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