Where can I get cheap implants in dallas?

Where can I get cheap implants in dallas?

Where can I get cheap implants in dallas?


Wanting cheap dental implants is kind of like shopping for a discount heart surgeon. Sometimes you shouldn't go for the bargain.


I gotta agree with Miss Mouse. This is something that you're going to have in your mouth for years to come. It needs to look good and feel comfortable. It's an instance where you get what you pay for. Why skimp and have to do it again in a few years???


Don't get cheap implants... they're too important. It could alter your health forver. Go to a good dentist that will let you make payments.


You get what you pay for, keep that in mind. Pay a little more and have an oral surgeon or periodontist place them...never go to a general dentist for things like this, you will end up at a specialists office anyways after they screw it up which will cost more money.


Check your area's phone book for Dental colleges, usually they will do dental procedures of all types free or very cheap as they ( up and coming graduates as Dentists) need the "hands on" practice besides all the book knowledge to graduate.We have this in my area,quite a few actually.


Your getting implants, save up and do it right.


Not sure I'M in Florida but THere Great .... Find a good Doctor not the cheapest !!!!


I don't know if you mean dental implants or breast implants. But you don't want someplace "cheap" for either one. Save your money and get the best. If you go cheap, you'll regret it the rest of your life. We'll see you on Oprah as you sit there sobbing about how horrible you look and how your life is ruined......and the whole audience needs therapy afterwards because you are so hideous.


That's something I wouldn't skimp financially on. Good luck.



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