Where can i get free dental work done with no job and no insurance?

Where can i get free dental work done with no job and no insurance?

Where can i get free dental work done with no job and no insurance?


Move to the UK, the joy of the NHS


some states have a victims assistance program that would pay for your dental work . if not , try a dental college .


Here is a link with ideas of where to look for low cost or free dental care. Implants are very expensive and I doubt you'll be able to find those for a reduced fee. Good luck. http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/oralhealth/popu...


Sounds like you've got a lot of problems Rich. I was in the same boat when I lived in Seattle WA. I needed dental work, and my BP was going through the roof. The city provided free medical and dental care to people who were down on their luck. My medical doctor did a very comprehensive blood test, and directed me to a pharmacist who gave me the medication for the BP free of charge. It was the same with the dental care. My wife, too, was checked out for a problem. Also free of charge. Everyone was very care giving, and I was encouraged not to feel like I was sponging off the system. So I know for certain that help is out there. Rich, since they are getting all they can out of you, and you cannot afford to continue your present course of rehabilitation, check out Seattle's yellow pages for public welfare services. Go there for help. Go to where ever it may be to find help. My wife just told me how we found the service. I'm going on 80 years of age so I kind of forgot. You might do the same in the Vegas yellow pages. Go for it Rich. Do yourself a favor.



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