Where can my handicaped mom get a job around austin?

Where can my handicaped mom get a job around austin?

Where can my handicaped mom get a job around austin?



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Is it easier to become a Dentist or a Pharmacist?
Schooling wise, Pharmacy school is much easier. A pharmacy degree can be achieved 1-2 years sooner and the courseload is lighter. Dental school is 4 years post-grad and for me was basically 40 hours a week including summers. Consider the earning potential and the potential for advancement...

Cost of surgical procedures?
Omg, If youre getting all that done I feel extremely bad for you. But yeah I would definitely set up an appointment with a doctor and he would go over that stuff with you.

Major in college to become a dentist.?
A dental hygiene degree will not usually qualify you for dental school. Much of the training for dental hygiene is practical rather than scientific, and those courses are not going to count toward what you will need for dental school (Of course, hygienists get scientific training as well...

Best schools for dentistry?.. and orthodontics?
dentistry.about.com/od/dentalcareers/Den... see the link above. Also google orthodontist career. For sure you have to go to college and then to dental school. Familiarize yourself with site below. They have a list of dental school. You will need to take the DAT exam. www.ada.org/prof/ed/testing/dat/...

Any1 kno a lawyer n Del Rio TX that will do a divorce/custody case pro bono or 4 a small deposit and payments?
these people have a good system for finding a lawyer http://legal.solutionsarticles.com/easie...