Where can you complain about a dentist?

Where can you complain about a dentist?

Where can you complain about a dentist?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can you complain about a dentist? My dentist is awful! She completely lacks any people skills. That wouldn't really be a problem until it comes to me trying to get answers to my questions. EVERY question is answered with contempt or sarcasm or simply ignored. This woman is a nightmare. Here is a quick example off the top of my head, but trust me there is more. When I asked what kind of bleeding to expect from my childs extraction, she replied...


That's your problem? I'm surprised she hasn't denied you her services. What you speak of is not worth complaining to anyone about. At least she hasn't permanently numbed a quarter of your face. If you don't like your dentist, get a new one, but I imagine that they will all treat you like this because what you expect of them is unrealistic. Anyhow, I think Diane A has the BestAnswer. I think your dentist could tell that your question about the amount of bleeding to expect was a "worry wart" type of question. She was not insulting you. She had faith in your ability to tell how much a human should bleed, or how long to expect the clotting process to take. She was also covering her azz. That's what every doctor does in this sue happy society.


complain dentist: https://tinyurl.im/e/where-can-you-compl...


Switch dentists! If you do not like this dentist, find one you can have a rapport with! Usually with an extraction we give the patient oral AND written instructions with them to take home and instructions to call if they have any other questions....you could call the office and ask follow up questions anytime..... There is no law, but there is the 'informed consent' that requires you to explain fully....it comes into play when there is a lawsuit....


well we can't trust a human to do anything right. Contacting the dental society, the state licensing board, or a suitable attorney is what http://www.dentalwatch.org/reg/complaint... says. I am not sure if social conduct is something a dentist can get in trouble for unless it's something like discrimination.


The American Dental Association, "ADA" regulates laws that must be followed. Unfortunately there is no law that states that a dentist or doctor for that fact must have a good 'bedside manner' so to speak. It is not what qualifies or disqualifies them as good doctors. If you do not like her disposition, you should probably find someone else. Call the ADA and ask for a list of local dentist that are accepting new patients and move on.


another dentist switch to another dentist Other than that, perhaps the Canadian Dental Association, or American Dental Association, depending on where you are. She might have good technical skills so complaining to a board might not help you much. Its best to just find a dentist with better "chemistry", a better fit with your communication needs and people skills suited to your liking. That was the best solution for me, I 'm glad I switched. (My dentist was retiring, and the new one taking over was like your dentist. I phoned around and met with other dentist office staff, and found a great one, so glad !) I don't think its beneficial for you to go over her head and complain, making her resent you, and then keep going to that same dentist. When you are in the chair submitting to her dental tools, and she resents you. eeeek ! Better just find a friendlier more respectful dentist.


You complain to the american dental association, HOWEVER, they only want complaints of dental malpractice, bad outcome, etc not personality deficiencies. You just need to change dentists to one that fits your needs better. There is no law that says anyone has to be polite, unsarcastic etc.


You know..if your dentist is treating you that way it is way out of line but be reassured that with the standard of dentistry today...Patients should not only be educated but should demand it. Education is a key part of your dental health and questions should be encouraged and answered. Never fear, if she is insulting you as you say, you need not complain because people no longer accept the old school horror dentist and she will ruin her business herself. Guaranteed you will not be the first or last patient she will lose.



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