Where have conservatives gotten this idea that us in countries with UHC are turning away from it?

Where have conservatives gotten this idea that us in countries with UHC are turning away from it?

Where have conservatives gotten this idea that us in countries with UHC are turning away from it?


Simple-because they heard it on Fox news. They could be told that Christmas is coming in November this time around, but as long as it was broadcast by Fox news-well, it must be true.


They're lying...it's a habit they can't break...been doing it so long now it's a reflex with them.


Because we are. Since 1991 Western Europe has drasticly cut a number of programs in healthcare and reintroduced private insurance. Eventually some of us will be back to private insurance


Political opportunism. As you might know there are many different forms of UHC around the world. Single payer systems like in Canada and the UK or mixed systems like in the Netherlands or Belgium. No system is perfect so naturally countries constantly try to improve and fine tune their health care system. This is seized upon by the deceitful demagogic American right wing fringe to argue countries are turning away from universal health care which couldn't be further from the truth. There's not one country in the world that has universal health care that would consider going back to the anarchy of the "free" market. Any politician proposing such nonsense would effectively end his or her political career. Once again the American right tells a easily debunked lie and expects its audience to simply be too uninformed to figure out how dishonest their claims are


www.republicanechochamber.com told them it, and they accepted it with little more evidence offered other than an anecdote about how one person had to wait two weeks to get a tooth pulled in the UK.


it's not the fact your countries are turning away from it, quite the contrary...it's the fact that many people are moving away from it !!! see my answer to this question so i don't have to write it again... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index-...


Please do not take this personally but you are an admitted socialist. We are not a socialist country nor do we want to be. At least not myself.


Well, in Australia, all the people that I know are well to do and hate it. I guess all you dropout chav types love getting stuff at the expense of others.



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