Where is a cheap dentist in shreveport that will pull all my teeth and give me dentures the same day?

Where is a cheap dentist in shreveport that will pull all my teeth and give me dentures the same day?

Where is a cheap dentist in shreveport that will pull all my teeth and give me dentures the same day?


It is always best to keep your real teeth! Save them!


Well now, to begin with your are not necessarily going to find a cheap Dentists, if you find one that will provide the service you want I can guarantee you will indeed also get "cheap" teeth, and even the price might seem cheap as well, if you get my point. Have you considered going to the nearest Dental College for the service you need. Every Dental College has an "Out Patient Clinic" and the fees charged to the public are from Free to very low cost...and the quality of the service and dentures will be better than what you asked about. Good luck and I wish you well.


Speaking as someone with dentures..... There is a place called Affordable Dentures in Shreveport. Each office is independently owned and operated, but the product is the same and they know what they are doing. Here is a link to that particular AD..it has the phone #, dentist name and price list... http://affordabledentures.com/office.asp... Good luck. If you need any support or advice, try MSN's "Dentures a New Smile"...great group of folks! http://groups.msn.com/DenturesANewSmile


I don't know the Shreveport area so I can't help you with that. I am curious to know why you would want dentures put in the same day. When blood vessels are disrupted, swelling occurs, so when your teeth are removed, the gums will have swelling for several days. If the dentures are fitted the same day, later on they will be "loose" as the swelling goes down. Then you would have to have a refit at added expense. After you locate a dentist, be sure to talk to him about it.


Contact the Louisana Dental Association. They should be able to refer you to a dentist that meets your criteria.


Most reputable dentists won't pull all your teeth in one day. Its too much work for them and it's too traumatic for you. Go to mexico if you want shoddy work done in your mouth. Also, you can't get dentures on the same day due to the amount of swelling you will be having. Get it done right or you will be sorry later...



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