Which is the best job for me: dentistry- architecture- pharmacy- chiropody?

Which is the best job for me: dentistry- architecture- pharmacy- chiropody?

Which is the best job for me: dentistry- architecture- pharmacy- chiropody?


Thats a wide selection!! i know there is a shortage of good chiropodists and long waiting lists and that work would be much appreciated by the client base i dont know what u would need to do but u can find any info that u need like that online just go into google.


I don't know what you're strong points are, but i recommend architecture because of the pay


What level are you talking about for qaulifications? To get a Pharmacy Degree, you need 3 A-levels. One has to be Chemistry and you need 2 out of either: Biology, Physics or Maths. You will need AAB or ABB. You can get well paid pharmacy work as a locum once you are qualified, or you can stick to certain hours. It is a protected occupation due to laws on the placement of pharmacies - there is unlikely to ever be an increase in competition. Working hours can be long - locums often work 12 hour days, but this is by choice. You will be expected to work certain holidays, even over christmas some times.


dentists have the highest suicide rates among all healthcare professionals.


when i see such questions, sometimes i look at prior questions and answers. and i did. <> i might recommend reality.


chiropody cos i've never heard of it. ps architecture only pays well if your at the top, otherwise dentistry pays better


So it's feet teeth drugs buildings which ever you choose, enjoy.



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