Which is the best place to stay first if we travel in Bangkok?changmai or pattaya?or phuket?help?

Which is the best place to stay first if we travel in Bangkok?changmai or pattaya?or phuket?help?

Which is the best place to stay first if we travel in Bangkok?changmai or pattaya?or phuket?help?


Bangkok would be the obvious first port of call. I think it makes sense to go there first, spend a few days and then travel out, but I'm only saying that assuming you are flying into Bangkok first. It seems you are packing a lot into 18 days, and do you really want to visit Pattaya? You might find the link below of help, it has some example itineraries.


Depend on your trip plan .... for example... if you wanna do shopping.. then, Bangkok should be the last destination cuz you the no need to carry all your shopping stuffs along your trip. But if you don't wanna do shopping so much (or not at all) Bangkok could be first, then you can buy some thing for your trip such as swimming suit or else. Try these website as it may help you something... http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Chiang... for Chiang Mai trip and http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Bangko... for Bangkok and http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Pattay... for Pattaya and http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Hua%20Hin%20hotels.html for Cha am and http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Phuket%20hotels.html for Phuket trip.. These websites got a lot of useful information especially about accommodation. p.s. About Dentist, I think can do any big city like, Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Phuket but Phuket must be most expensive... http://www.discovery-thailand.com Have a nice trip


I agree with Johnny, I think you are trying to do too much in a short time. Even if you are flying everywhere, its still tight, and Thailand is too beautiful to rush. Bangkok friday to sunday, thats already four days gone, which leaves you with 14 days. Personally, I would not go to Pattaya, or Phuket, but thats my choice. Chiang-Mai is well worth a few days, with plenty to see and do. Cha-Am is a nice place with a great beach, not much in the way of night life. If you was to go a little further south of Cha-Am you will find Hua-Hin. This is a lovely town with good beaches, great choice of accommodation, delicious food outlets, great night life and a good night market, well worth a few days. You can hire a couple of small motorbikes and have a good look around. The source below has a lot of good honest information. Have a great trip.



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