Which School Should I Go To: UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego?

Which School Should I Go To: UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego?

Which School Should I Go To: UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego?


I have never been to santa barbra but I live in San diego and iynis absolutley beautiful out here! There are many place to sociolize and the weather is perfect. Any San diegen can tell u that. Its kinda like l.a but a bit less hotter in the summer. Ucsd is located in la jolla, which is one of the richest places to live in San diego. Not to mention, ucsd is about 2 minutes from the beach. Its excellent living in we. The traffic is not bad. Maybe you should visit both campuses if you haven't already. Good luck and congrats on your big accomplisment of getting accepted into outstanding UC schools!!


UCSD, no doubt. UCSD is ranked higher than UCSB- UCSB is viewed primarily as a party school. UCSD does have a strong bio program, which is good if you're pre-med. I went to UCSB and didn't care for it at all. Too much drinking and nothing else to do there. Not much in the way of shopping. Goleta, the town that UCSB is near is run-down- you can tell that people don't want to invest too much money on student rentals that get trashed. I spent one summer at UCSD for a summer course and loved it there. There's plenty to do in SD, socially and academically, and there was more diversity there. La Jolla is beautiful and the weather is nice - not too hot during the summers. I certainly advocate UCSD. I wished I had gotten in for undergrad - it was my 1st choice.



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