Which universities are good??

Which universities are good??

Which universities are good??


BYU, Eastern Oregon, Minnesota State, Missouri Southern State



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How does a Dentist that does work for NHS get paid?
It's complicated and not very popular with NHS dentists! They get awarded UDA's (units of dental activity) every year. If say Mr X performed 1000 UDA's last year he would be awarded the same amount this year. If he didn't perform that amount this year he would have to carry them over to the...

Why is the animated Rudolph movie not shown on TV anymore?
I remember it. I think they don't show it anymore because they are too busy showing movies that are not that good. They also show the same movies over and over and over again.

Is there such thing as a dentist for a sports team?
fyi, sports dentistry is a special field ans has a unique place in this profession see below

Wich is the closest school for dentistry clases and orthodontic treatment?i'm in oregon house ,california?
There are five dental schools in California: Three in the vicinity of Los Angeles (UCLA, USC and Loma Linda). Two are in San Francisco (UCSF, and University of the Pacific). Dental hygiene programs are more numerous.. Some offered at local community colleges. Contact the ones near you and...

Where and how can I find a good functional orthodontist near Germantown/Gaithersburg/Rockvi... in Maryland?
Try going to www.iaortho.org to find a functional orthodontist near you. In regards to you being told about your son getting a Class I profile by those traditional orthodontists - there are two kinds of Class I's, a dental Class I and a skeletal Class I. A skeletal Class I is when the skeletal...