Who has the best doctor(s)?

Who has the best doctor(s)?

Who has the best doctor(s)?



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Where do find a good dentist in and around Philadelphia, PA?
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Cosmetic Dentists - At Stephan A Inker DDS in ... Philadelphia, PA 19114. Tel. (215) 335-3339. Fax (215) 335-0412 Dr Ken Cirka, Philadelphia Dentistry. Dr. Ken Cirka. 1601 Walnut Street Suite #1302. Philadelphia, (215) 568-6222. Dr. Leonard F. Tau ~ Philly Dentist...

I need a dentist really bad!! Help?
1-800-Dentist. They're really helpful and nice!

Average Household Expenditures?
Just make a list of all your planned expenses year by year. Other categories could include: -Health -Dentist -Health insurance -Beauty shops -House insurance -New equipment for home (refrigerators,TV, etc.) -Garbage bills -Internet connection -Home gas -House repairs -Dress -Sporting -Vacation...

Cost for dental deep cleaning?
$225 per quadrant for deep cleaning is quite normal cost. Why don't you look into the My Simple Card membership? MySimpleCard.com