Who is the best dentist in Rancho Bernardo CA, San Diego?

Who is the best dentist in Rancho Bernardo CA, San Diego?

Who is the best dentist in Rancho Bernardo CA, San Diego?


I have beautiful teeth and I don't trust just any dentist with mine! My Dentist of choice who has by far exceeded expectations: Dr Shaheen Tourian Scripps Family & Cosmetic Dentistry 858-566-8516 (Tell the staff you were referred by SusieQ!) My whole family now has switched to this dentist, as well as a few of my friends & I've referred biz colleagues too! Some of my friends who've had "dental fears" or "past dental nightmares" tell me Dr Tourian is quite the opposite of their former experiences, to which they are quite pleased! I've also found that Dr Tourian knows exactly where & how to administer anesthetic injections properly, gently & effectively.



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Im considering going to MUSC Dental School in Charleston,SC for some dental work. Do I need to have insurance?
I would just go down to Mexico. There is a certified american dentist there with over 30 years expirience and a masters degree in Restorative dentistry from U of M. check her out www.dentalworkmexico.com

Should I get veneers?
If you live in England, I recommend finding a dentist who uses WyTen Technology tooth whitening products. If you are near London, I would even say it's worth the trip to see the dentist who developed this technique - Dr. Wyman Chan in central London. Just Google "smile studio London" for more...

Any one had their teeth bleached by the dentist?
It is considered the safest way to have teeth whitened and the only environment that will take the time to do a test area and give you honest advice if you have the type of teeth that have a natural colour that will not whiten. They have less long term issues with sensitivity as they are more...

How long for tooth extraction hole to close?
Rest assured knowing that your healing timeline is not out of whack. Typically, it could take 2-3 months for the "hole" to close up. Extraction sockets heal from the bottom of the void up to the gum. When a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms within the socket (the space that was once...

Why are more and more doctors, dentists, and specialists saying no to medicare patients?
>Will the trend of not accepting medicare continue if the democrats health reform passes? Most likely. Why should a physician accept a lower payment from the government when someone else can pay cash.