Why are Americans so rude?

Why are Americans so rude?

Why are Americans so rude?


I am an American and my husband and I travel quite a bit. I find that a cultured American does not behave with the rudeness I have seen from those Americans who are infrequent travelers. Those infrequent travelers are usually loud and obnoxious in general and in Europe are clueless how to dress and fit into their environment. My husband and I do everything we can to immerse into the culture or country we are visiting and offer the same manners we both have in our country. But we have been witness to many Americans and Canadians at resorts we have visited that are loud and rude and seem to think their vacation is the only one that is important. We have watched them make fools of themselves. So you cannot generalize that all Americans are condescending and loud. What you are seeing are those that don't get out much and when they do are not interested in their manners if they had them at all.


I disagree with your premise- in spite of your protestations to the contrary, you ARE generalizing...I mean SEVENTY PERCENT? How busy you must have been...to have met 70% of us. Some are rude, some are not. Big country, big population, more to be rude. However, I have been in your lovely country several times, along with every other western European nation, and have lived in Italy and believe me, there are rude, obnoxious, condescendending, loud, and ignorant people, what you Brits refer to as "louts," everywhere I have been. Rudeness, honey lamb, is a human condition, not an American affliction.


Honestly, this is the way things are with *most* (but certainly not all) Americans. It's normal to us, but probably sounds loud to you, and most other non-American people. This is just the way things are here. I'm sure the Barbadian barista is use to it, since many Americans frequent Barbados and give quite a bit of money to their country. We're not treating people second rate--we're treating them as we treat our own...we're used to it. It's like people from (most) foreign countries coming to visit and not tipping the waitstaff who wait on them at restaurants...we think it's rude, but they're not used to it, and neither are we. We don't do it to be rude at all--it's just how we are. Rude and obnoxious is a matter of opinion depending on where and how you were raised. :)


You are correct. Although they hate to admit it, it is obvious to everyone else. I don't know why it is but I am guessing a combination of having a chip on their shoulder, insecurity and just poor manners. As you stated, it is not just your opinion but the opinion of the Bajans who see them every day as well. I am Canadian and travel quite a bit, many times to Barbados and even though I may look the same as an American, I am never mistaken for one. Although I agree with some of the previous answers, that it isn't all Americans, it is enough of them to create a persona in the eyes of people in other countries. The answerer who said something about people from other countries smelling funny just served to accentuate the opinion that Americans are just rude and did a great diservice to those who are nice people. My hope is that those who are decent, informed and just good Americans will not accept the behaviour of the rude and ignorant people and will step up and put a stop to it.


The family structure is different in America insofar as many of the teens today barely ever see their parents. The parents are working jobs late, and the kids are at day care or the older ones are doing their own thing. Parent involvement is really limited and family time is often just watching tv with their kids. Since the busy busy lifestyle of Americans is increasing every year, the amount of time devoted to disciplining our children is drastically decreasing. Therefore, kids don't really get reprimanded for being rude or condescending, thus they are conditioned to think it's acceptable behavior. Obviously this isn't absolute, but it's one theory.


Well we could say things about the Britt's BUT we are definitely more polite than you. We are a free people, full of confidence, we are self assured. We know our worth and are not pansy's like the Britt's. We are also better educated, and by the way after taxes we have more money! Why do the Britt's keep moving here? Oh yeah I remember the lack of taxes, the job market. You are rude! This question is rude and vulgar! AND I am from TEXAS. I haven't been rude, you opened the door to this BRITT! There you go being a rude Britt again. It's Nov. have you brushed your teeth this year, even once? People like you don't deserve to travel. STAY OUT OF AMERICA! We don't want YOU in particular. By the way American women have more balls than the Brit ts. We don't take cr ap from people like you! Not only are you talking behind peoples backs you are promoting gossip. Rude gossip and gossip is not true so you are promoting lies. But you don't know anything and you are proving it with your stupid nonsense. I bet your husband does say a lot of good things about Cali. women. He is looking to replace his mean mouthed, mean spirited rude wife!!!! You can see my pic and I am not fat or lardy you are the a*s with a potty mouth. Does it taste good. Texas women are some of the most beautiful women on earth and I am a grandmother of 4 and my baby is 30 so you are jealous that we look so good and I do for my age! When your my age your husband will hide you at home and deny that your his wife!!!


Hmm it is a bit of a generalisation - I have met lots of lovely Americans but there are some, like there are where I live, who are arrogant and rude. It is probably more that the people who can afford the big holidays all the time are a bit snobbier. I love it how you are talking about being in other countries and the Americans on here are calling everyone else foreigners lol. Guess what? In other countries, you are the foreigners EDIT: Linda S, you claim to be better educated than Brits, how many incorrectly placed apostrophes did you put in your comment?


Well i wont make excuses, but in a vacation settings i will say some Americans can take things a little too far, especially if they have been drinking. I would say most have class but you have some that are annoying as hell, I've dealt with all kinds. And if your calling Texas and have a foreign accent, well i'm sorry. Texas is probably one of the most conservative states. I'm sure you would have a different opinion if you lived here and experienced a broader range of American people.


I'm American, and you are probably right. The behavior of other Americans embarrasses me, especially since we are known as "the ugly Americans" when we visit other countries. And that idiot in the White House named Bush and our horredous war mongering does not help our image these days either. They also treat other Americans in the same rude, arrogant manner--especially to people who work in the food service insdustry (cashiers, waiters, etc), and service industry. They'll come into a store and scream at the salespeople. I have no idea whats wrong with Americans. You have to practically threaten to beat the hell of out them in order to get a crazy American to calm down when they are in their loud, obnoxious mode... Who did the hell did that guy think he was, snapping his fingers at a grown man?! This is not the 15th century with Kings, Lord, Serfs, and Slaves! Oh me, Oh My..But there are some truly beautiful Americans, Like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton, and Mister Rogers. We're not ALL bad :) Some of us are nice and do good in the world! :)



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