Why are Braces so EXPENSIVE?!?

Why are Braces so EXPENSIVE?!?

Why are Braces so EXPENSIVE?!?


That price is about right. My braces are going to cost me about $3,000. Prices tend to go up if you live in a urban area. Your dad is crazy. He should do whatever it takes to give his kids the perfect smile. My parents are paying for mine and I am super thankful. A lot of dentists/orthodontists will be able to give you a monthly payment plan, too. So if you have a job you can pay for them this way, which is about $100 a month. Try getting dental insurance, too! I don't think the dentist will give you a discount. He/she has to be fair to his other patients. Braces aren't cheap for anybody. Sorry.


You should get a second opinion. My braces cost about $6,000 because I had a lot of problems and had them for 3 years. I had to have a customed made device and that alone cost $1000. If you just need a few teeth straightened, it shouldn't be that much. My brother just needed a few teeth straightened. He had braces for 1 year and it cost $3,000. I think the place you went is over-priced. They probably will not give you a discount just because the orthodontist is rich. They might be able to give you a payment plan to spread the cost out over a longer period of time.


Sorry to have to say this but your dad is crazy. He should whatever amount of money so his kid can have a perfect smile. You should talk to him about this issue. And about the price. Your dentist is crazier than your dad. I got braces two years ago when I was 24. And I had an U-GAH-LY set of teeth. Crowded teeth, gaps, buck teeth you name it. yOU'D THINK i'D HAVE TO PAY 6000 but I didn't. And I only paid 2000 bucks because my insurance covered part of it. It depends which dentist you consult. My braces were prettttttty cheap and now my teeth are perfect. Except my insurance didn't cover my retainers which cost 250 each. Top and bottom. Well good luck =D P.S. It may also depend on what state you live. I used to live in Florida, when I got my braces and I heard the prices haven't increased much.


Well, I am sorry for you, maybe you should check with dental clinics that are associated with the government, they should have cheaper pricing, about $3000 or so, I know because I had a friend who went to one, I can't seem to recall its name though. The downside of this is that you will have to wait for quite a bit of time, since there are many others waiting for this discount, and you may be put on a waiting list, the waiting time depends on how many people are waiting, it could be anywhere from a few months to 2 years. As for your problem with the money, I would suggest you to "loan" it from your dad, just tell him to pay for you first, and when you are old enough to get a job, you can pay him back. If you are patient and really want your teeth fixed, I advise you to do that.


my son's braces are costing about $5,000. Even though he only needs a few straightened out, they have to make room for those teeth, and so the braces are needed for a full mouth. Talk with the dentist and explain your situation, maybe they can help. Try talking to your dad again explaining the benefits of straight teeth. Remember, you don't have to be a teenager for braces, you still get them once your are supporting yourself.


I'm a nurse. Braces usually run about 4 to 5 thousand dollars. Now the good news, they have payment plans. You will only have to pay small amounts until they receive the payment in full. Call an schedule an appointment, it's worth looking into.


mines are 3,600.. i'm 20 years old and paying for mine 128.33 per month.. try to see different orthodontists and check what their pricing range is, also check with your insurance, they should be able to cover something... it sucks, i know how you feel for them being expensive... trust me girl anything that has to do with teeth is expensive...!!! good luck.. hope this helps you.. :)


because braces are real steel metal and the stuff ( gear ) they need costs a lot to so they need money for that stuff



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