Why cannot Iraqui vets get qualified help?

Why cannot Iraqui vets get qualified help?

Why cannot Iraqui vets get qualified help?


Who knows...I was diagnosed with PTSD and thought the rapist (oops therapist) was a goofball and I think anybody who suffers greatly is a weakling in the mind! I live my life fine...although the first year was horrid...but everything got better when I lost 180-lbs of ugly fat in one hour...my exwife divorced me [yea!]...now that's talk about some Jenny Craig! So fortunate that she cheated on me while I was deployed and got pregnant with another man...I was lucky- it showed her true colors and it was a blessing to know how she "really" was! Get a straw and suck it up pal...if you are a drama queen, go on ahead and cry about PTSD and that you're not getting help for it! But I agree that the VA is a some pisspoor service...that is why I go to a "real" hospital to "real" doctors that actually provide "real" health care and medical treatment!



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