Why Dentists so much worse then real Doctors?

Why Dentists so much worse then real Doctors?

Why Dentists so much worse then real Doctors?


so would you rather them do all the work and than they shock you with the bill? this way they go over everything with you and if you agree than no shocks in the end...get it? and I feel when your talking to someone no matter what business it is-if they pussyfoot around the "money" topic its cause they have something to hide. Thats why I love dentists and Vets they tell it to you straight and honest, no pussyfooting!!!


As a student approaching his dental interview in five days, i love to know how patients feel about their dentists and about their experiences so i can hopefully do well in my practice. So i liked every ones answers to your thought and i hoped you read them and they helped, but i can tell you from working as a dental assistant, it is one of the hardest things to present the bill before work begins. Especially when i can tell the patient cant afford the procedure. But the reality is, you must know the person can afford the procedure before its done because otherwise, you get stuck with the check.


That doesn't happen at my dentist. I am sorry for your bad experience. You should find a new dentist!


I think you just answered your own question. My dad is a dentist and i can tell you right now, going to school to become a dentist is NOT cheap. My sister is also going to school right now to become a dental hygenist and it is rather expensive, too. Personally I care quite a bit about my teeth and I think its funny when people like to complain about the cost of medical appointments in general. Medical professionals paid a LOT of money to be in the position that they are now. They work long hours and even do shift work being "on-call" with the hospital. Usually when you go to a dentist it is generally the same procedure - you're recall appointment. At this time generally everybody gets cleaning, flouride, etc. A MD is completely different from a Dentist. Maybe you should find one more suited to yourself, or if you are that frustrated and don't really care about your teeth, don't see a dentist.


Do you know how often people have work done and then when they are checked out they go, "I didn't bring my checkbook so I can't pay today." Then guess what? They don't pay there bill for a long time or ever!!! People will always give the excuse that they didn't know how much it was going to cost or how much insurance will pay for. The office manager is nice enough to explain that all to you and help you figure out if this is something you can afford. Dentistry is optional--you don't haveto have it done. You say you own your own business. Do you expect people to pay for your services? I'm guessing you do. Ask any dentist, and he or she will tell you that they've done work for free because someone didn't pay their bill. Don't forget, they still have to pay for the products that were used and pay the staff their wages. It sounds like you're someone who's impossible to please (4th dentist in 2 years).


I don't know about you, but if I need work done, I appreciate my dental office telling me what my insurance will cover and how much will come out of my own pocket ahead of time... that way, I can plan accordingly and not be pissed off about any surprises!! Let's say you take your car to the shop, and it needs work done that you didn't anticipate. Wouldn't you rather they give you an estimate, get your approval, THEN do the work... or would you rather they do the work w/out your approval and stick you with the bill???



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