Why do Americans say the English have bad teeth?

Why do Americans say the English have bad teeth?

Why do Americans say the English have bad teeth?


The 2 LEAST known words in England: 1.Toothbrush 2. Braces Case in point: Tony Blair, Amy Winehouse, Chloe Simms, Jeremy Clarkson, Stacey Solomon, ...that buck toothed broad from the Rimmel London commercial....etc etc


Stereotypes. Some actually like to believe them.


Because they usually mean "snaggly teeth", not "rotten teeth". Take a chill pill. And it's really not just Americans- it's everybody who doesn't live in the UK.


Stereotypes. Same as how other people think all of us Americans are fat lazy bumholes. -_-


In America English people are known to have bad teeth. Its a stereotype like how Americans are known to be hicks, or fat.


Most Americans visit a dentist twice a year. Many American teens have braces that straighten their teeth. The number of dentists per American is much much less than British which are not in the habit of regular dental visits.



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