Why do dentists put a drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth?

Why do dentists put a drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth?

Why do dentists put a drape a heavy lead apron across you before x-raying youre teeth?


Dentists didn't used to do that when I was a child. The only people they put those lead aprons on were pregnant women.


The least radiation possibly is best if you only need Xrays of your teeth their is no reason the rest of your body should be exposed to the radiation


So your internal organs don't get exposed to the radiation from taking he x-rays.


Because x-rays are harmful to you.


I'm sure it's to help maintain the accuracy of the x-ray and possibly avoid health problems.


To protect you from getting too much radiation exposure. It's a precaution, though, probably wouldn't cause any problems over time.


BECAUSE LEAD ABSORBS THE RADIATION BEFORE IT ENDS UP DAMAGING YOUR GONADS (aka, sexual organs). fyi you get exposed to more radiation in a plane from NY TO LA than in a full mouth set of x-rays.



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