Why Do Dentists Say Implants Are More Cost Effective In The Long Run?

Why Do Dentists Say Implants Are More Cost Effective In The Long Run?

Why Do Dentists Say Implants Are More Cost Effective In The Long Run?


so what you are saying..lose your teeth? than get implants so you don't have to maintain them..you don't want to add to the stereotypes about the British..take care of your teeth!


I know it sounds like a lot after you have already paid out a large fee. Your dentist should have told you that you would need to continue paying for maintenance. It is important that they continue to monitor the implant and clean it as the implant could fail as a result of peri-implantitis, caused by poor dental hygiene. I know it's a bit of a cash cow but your treatments may lessen and become less expensive when sufficient time has passed and they feel that the implant has intergrated perfectly and is completely sound. :)



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