Why do vets charge so much for my Dog's cataract operation?

Why do vets charge so much for my Dog's cataract operation?

Why do vets charge so much for my Dog's cataract operation?


As with any profession, you will find some local veterinary practises do charge excessive fees for their services. Has your local vet referred your dog to a canine ophthalmologist? If so the cost will be expensive and you may find that ?1300 is the standard price for the surgery. One of my Dobermanns is due to have TPLO surgery for a ruptured stifle. The cost will be ?2,850, but I expect to pay more for specialist expertise in a given area of veterinary medicine. Good luck with your dog.


They charge less to euthanize.


You are paying for their expertise, their education (for which they shelled out a lot of money and put in a great deal of time), and their overhead (operating a vet hospital is expensive). Cataract surgery is very delicate and time consuming, requiring considerable expertise.


If you don't like it, then don't go, you think your eye surgery should be free too ??? any ophthalmologist is going to be expensive just as any specialist or maybe you should go to school for 8 + years then intern for 4 more and see what you would charge people, i'd bet it would be cheap huh.


They have to go to as many years of school as doctors for humans (at great financial cost) , and get paid significantly less. Cataract surgery on a person would be much more than that and is probably the same difficulty as doing it on a dog. No they are not rip off artists. In the long run, considering their education, they are probably underpaid. Medical care costs money and vets charge far less than doctors.


If you already knew the diagnosis why did you go to the vet? Are you planning to go ahead with the operation on an "old" dog, if not you really did waste your money. Vets have overheads as well and unlike doctors and most dentists get no funding from the tax payer. If you can't afford the bills don't have a dog.


5 years training at university, overheads for running the practice (e.g. rates, rent/mortgage, fuel, phone bills etc), paying staff such as nurses and receptionists, cost of drugs, anaesthetics etc - and there is no financial help from the state for vets - just think about all that, and you'll understand why the costs of operations are so high. I would recommend to all pet owners that they insure their pet ( about ?12 a month) and then the insurance company will pay for essential treatment.



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