Why does President Obama have a Connecticut Social Security Number?

Why does President Obama have a Connecticut Social Security Number?

Why does President Obama have a Connecticut Social Security Number?


I went to Tijuana Mexico years ago with a couple of friends. After a night of drinking, we went back to the boarder attempting to cross back into the US. My friend (the whitest guy I ever met) was stopped at the boarder and held in a room for over an hour. The reason they held him was because they said he had 3 SSN's.


Maybe its a security thing to protect him????? Ever think of that???? If people like you can find this out, what about people that would want to harm him, imagine what they might be able to do with his details!


Obama is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, not an American at all. He never registered for SS number because he is not a citizen of the US. He became an Indonesian citizen when he immigrated there as a child, and never applied for repatriation to the US. Over his work history he has bused almost 2 dozen fake or stolen SS numbers. He should be deported along with other illegal aliens.


Oh for Gods sake http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2010/02/o...


What a load of crock. If someone is in the SS Death Index, their number is no longer active and can't be used by anyone. Ludwig IS in the Death index, his SSN is 045-26-8722. Obama has been using his SSN for 30 years, it appears on his tax records. The IRS doesn't have a problem with his number. Neither did the Selective Service or any employer or college he went to. This line of fantasy REALLY shows how idiotic the hard-core birthers are. @Felice: Read what I wrote, please. Ludwig's number wasn't reassigned, it's in the Death Index which means it's no longer being used. Obama's number (which the poster listed) is different from Ludwig's and has been in Obama's continuous use since the 70's. There's no connection in their numbers. Obama isn't using Ludwig's, Ludwig didn't use Obama's.


Really amusing to see all the obama lovers respond this way, they refuse to believe that a non-US citizen is in the white house, if only due to his fathers parentage(kenyan born obama sr) glad to see you posted this~


I have a definite idea how this nonsense started. Private (and amateur) detectives used one of those subscription databases used for (among other things) skip tracers and people locators for a bunch of past addresses - and they used EVERY possible permutation of names, including his mother's maiden name, her second husband's name (spelled correctly and incorrectly), etc. - and came up with a bunch of bogus hits, some only for a last name. Some were supposedly the mother's name - her first name was Stanley - except somewhere else on the record Stanley was identified as a male- this didn't stop them or even tell them they were on the wrong track. Some of these records had all or part of an SSN - not necessarily the SSN of the person whose name popped up (e.g., the name of someone living in the house but the SSN of whoever signed the lease). WITHOUT ANY PROOF of what SSN the President had actually been using, they picked an SSN (or partial SSN) from one of these bogus hits, and have been treating it as if it were proven gospel ever since.


doesn't really clarify if obama was using a number already issued or the guy who was using it before was using it illegally, or if there was a scriveners error at some point by someone (change one digit and theoretically you have a different person's issued number). as to where the card was issued, before '72 it was just which office you showed up to apply at, after '72 it was processed by mail and your return address zip code determined the number prefix. it really doesn't say anything about where you lived. that said, everything about obama is weird. absolutely NOTHING about the guy is normal, and he hires armies or lawyers to fight release of virtually everything every other candidate releases, so if you aren't an obama bum kisser you can't help but smell a rat. remember dan rather getting fired for releasing fake info about bush's military records, only to have bush release them himself? remember them pulling out a 30 year old incident when bush had been pulled over for drunk driving right before the election? remember the army of investigators that descended on wasilla after palin announced? remember the news trucks and investigators outside that plumber's house 24/7 after he simply went up to obama, who was in his neighborhood, and asked him a question? it's like if anyone asks a simple question of obama who was running for president of the united states, or asks a question of obama after he became the president of the united states, in order to just find out who he is, that person asking the question gets ATTACKED like nobody in history. why?!?! why can't we ask what foreign passports obama travleved under as an adult? why is that wrong? why is that bad? why aren't we allowed to question things or to know, especially to the extent previous presidents have been scrutinized? why won't obama just release his actual long form birth certificate, the one we all have or can get easily, and why won't obama just release the foreign passports he traveled under, and why won't he just release his school records, when every other presidential candidate releases all this stuff voluntarily? what is it about obama that everything about him is soooooo weird and everything is a big secret? in his own book he blabs about his parents recruiting frank marshal davis being recruited as a mentor for him... this is a nationally famous, published, and self proclaimed marxist. he writes proudly about all this stuff in his books. what we DO know is scary as hell and any request for documentation about his life is attacked by lawyers in court. WTH?


To PennyLee who said: "What a load of crock. If someone is in the SS Death Index, their number is no longer active and can't be used by anyone. Ludwig IS in the Death index, his SSN is 045-26-8722." False. The Social Security numbers are NOT re-used! Q20: Are Social Security numbers reused after a person dies? A: No. We do not reassign a Social Security number (SSN) after the number holder's death. Even though we have issued over 453 million SSNs so far, and we assign about 5 and one-half million new numbers a year, the current numbering system will provide us with enough new numbers for several generations into the future with no changes in the numbering system. http://www.ssa.gov/history/hfaq.html



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