Will a Dentist "sand"/lower down a filling for me?

Will a Dentist "sand"/lower down a filling for me?

Will a Dentist "sand"/lower down a filling for me?


Yeah you pretty much got bad filling done. Yes your filling can be "sanded" down. Now your fillings are very improperly done you will have to get them done all over again. Do your fillings have the anatomy that a tooth has? Get that checked b/c if your upper or adjacent tooth is hurting, it will cause pulp inflammation and that will cause another problems in the long run, and b/c your not closing properly. And on that healthy tooth that you mentioned being drilled and only leaving the outsides-sides, did you get any filling in that tooth? Did they do endodontic (pulp being removed) treatment or are they going to put a "incrustation"?


Wow, talk about a nightmare trip to the dentist! Good news is that any dentist will file down or reshape a filling for you. It's a quick process that is relatively painless (you won't require anaesthetic). Oh, and the sides of a tooth are called different things depending on which tooth it is. If it's an upper molar or pre molar (the most likely places to need a filling) then the top (the biting surface I suppose) is occlusal, the side facing the cheek is buccal, the side facing the front of the mouth is mesial, the opposite side is distal and the side facing the palate is palatal. For a bottom molar or premolar, all the sides are identically named bar the side that faces the tongue, which is lingual.


You should go see another dentist if you are not happy with the one that did your fillings. Any dentist can adjust the bite on your fillings. This is a very simple procedure and you will not need to be numb to have this done. Good Luck and I hope that you find a good dentist to see the next time you have to get something done.



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