Will most any cosmetic dentist willingly perform gold crown work on healthy teeth?

Will most any cosmetic dentist willingly perform gold crown work on healthy teeth?

Will most any cosmetic dentist willingly perform gold crown work on healthy teeth?


Unless you need a crown, the dentits that I work for will not do one. We had a patient 2 wks ago that requested 2 gold crowns on his 2 front teeth, The Dr. Refused to do the Tx, it was not essential. Also insurance will not pay for them if you don't need them


Very reluctantly, but I’m sure some will. Most dentist will try to talk the patient out of it, some will refuse to do it. There is never any reason to prep a perfectly healthy tooth. I don't care how bad the patient wants a gold front tooth. He might want to look into a gold veneer instead, there would be less tooth removed for it at least. Crowns usually last about 10 years depending on the patients overall home care and physical health. You don't need a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, they all do cosmetic dentistry, some are just better than others.


not on the healthy teeth but the gold one the most healthiest one if you need a crown.it is last long.if you care of cosmetic you can choose porcelain fused to gold crown.


A gold crown is super expensive. Crowns have to be replaced in 20 years. If the dentist is a good one, then no. Don't waste your money.


EDIT: I totally misread the question....Most dentists will not perform any work on a healthy tooth period. The answer that follows is regarding gold crowns versus porcelain crowns...oops! A gold crown is very similar in price to a ceramic all porcelain crown. Most dentists will only do gold crowns on posterior teeth. This doesn't have as much to do with looks as it does function. Because the rear teeth exert such high pressure when chewing, the first generation of porcelain crowns (years ago) didn't fair that well. That was years ago and now porcelain crowns are much better and are commonplace in the posterior. Doing all porcelain in the posterior versus gold is strictly a preference based on functionality and a dentist should not be judged by his or her willingness or unwillingness to do gold or porcelain. Alot depends on the tooth, the bite, as well as the age of the patient, etc. etc. Also, the term "cosmetic" dentist is more a marketing term to market a practice. Sure, a dentist might have additional training in cosmetic dentistry, but that is also commonplace.



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