Will the loss of advertising revenue knock Rush off the airwaves?

Will the loss of advertising revenue knock Rush off the airwaves?

Will the loss of advertising revenue knock Rush off the airwaves?


Will the lack of advertising on Rush cause these companies to lose money? All signs point to yes. Carbonite stock dropped 12% almost immediately. I'm sure others will follow. See, when conservatives boycott, they actually boycott. They don't just write letters and make phone calls. They simply stop doing business with a company without any fanfare, and they business suffers. It's happened over and over again. .


I think it has more to do with his ratings being down 33% this last year. Most of these people were looking for a reason to drop him.


Most of the advertisers who have left are local ones at local stations, not national advertisers under contract with Rush's company, and several are already coming back. So no.


Nope. He already has 3 new ones and 2 or already coming back. And some are claiming they were advertisers on his show and they never were. One who left had their stock drop 24%. They are begging to come back. Rush listeners know Rush. They know his intentions were good. He just screwed up. Once in 20 years isn't bad.


Keep dreaming, I guarantee Rush will be around as long as he likes.


I doubt it. He owns his own station and has hundreds of advertisers... Still, it probably 'hurts' him a little...it's good to see him pay. As to those who are daft enough to think this is relatable to the Maher/Palin thing...no, it's not and if you insist it is, where was the outrage when it happened? I don't remember anyone saying anything about it until now. edit: even though othes here SAY that the ad loss doesn't bother him (I noticed a lot of people also parroted the FALSE info Limpbag was belching in regards to S, Fluke), if it didn't hurt a little, he wouldn't have ever made a 'fauxpology' @ uhlan, :-D how right you are!


No. AshleyMadison.com has offered to buy all advertising space left from the void. They are a website that allows married couples to have affairs in a controlled manner.


Nope I'm sorry to burst your brain fart but he is and will be stronger than ever...the Democrats allowing Media matters to bring in a ringer was a bigger mistake...30 years old still in school. in a gay relationship, a know political activist, deciding to enroll in a Jesuit school and being instructed to try to bring to light they are against women's right , the entire episode was a liberal brain fart that has backfired. Liberal are so predictable and it even gets ridiculous during elections. Because they have nothing positive to run on it is always attacks lies and ignorance.


I think it is the advertisers that will be hurt the most. Many of the companies listed derive most of their business from Rush's ads. The worst thing that could happen to Rush is that he could have to head to Satellite radio. Stern brought in over 2 billion in revenue, I wonder what a guy with 33 million listeners could do for them? I myself will never do business with any one of these business' again. I do not want corporate America deciding what I can and cannot hear and who gets to say what.



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