Wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction?


Hey, Im 18, I had the same thing done 2 years ago. It wasnt bad at all. much better than waiting to have them done after they emerge. The way I had it done, and I assume it will be the same for you. Is you will be completely unconscious. Youll be at your dentists office, unless they recommend you go to an oral surgeon, either way it won-t be the hospital. When you go in, they place a mask over your face, you breath with mask on, and they may ask you to count for them. within seconds, without even knowing it you will be completely unconscious. When you wake up, it will seem as though no time really passed at all. youll have small cuts in the gum, where they took your teeth out, and a stitch or two to keep it closed. Your jaw will be a little sore, like when you open or close it wide it will be a little stiff. In 2 or 3 days youll feel fine, although the area in the back of your mouth might be a little sore. althogether its nothing to worry about, you wont notice anything. youll go in and come out. the only pain will be a little soreness in your jaw, and it most likely wont swell much, if any. Good luck, youll do fine :) Oh, Ive also had the needle instead of the mask, to be put out. they both work the same way. the needle goes into your arm, it feels like a regular shot, except you fall asleep pretty soon afterwards


OK if you're going to an oral surgeon you can be awake or asleep its up to you but its easier if you are asleep. if you go to sleep you will get a combination of anesthetics that will have you groggy. no you will not be out like major surgery most oral surgeons don't need to put a tube down you're throat. these medications will be given with an iv no fun but remember one needle is better than feeling all those shots in your mouth. and the needle they use is the same one they use on babies its tiny. you should not have to go to the hospital unless you have major other medical issues. recovery lasts until you wake up and are ready to leave. the first three days will be the worst but it will get better each day. they may give you some pain medication during this time and you will need to eat soft foods you don't want to chew a lot. you will do fine everyone has this done at your age. just follow the doctors instructions and you'll be okay its best to have it done while you are still young because they probably haven't formed all the way yet so they are easier to take out.


Hi! So answering your questions, they might knock you out (which I think is best), or they might give you laughing gas and a lot of numbing shots in the area around the teeth. If they knock you out, you will have some needles and probably an iv, and a monitor so they can make sure you're ok. The needle doesn't hurt. It is usually done in the dentist office, or at the surgeons office. You will probably stay until they release you, like after you wake up if they knock you out. Or you might just be able to walk out if about 5 to 10 min after the surgery if they just give you laughing has. Special diet is soft foods, don't eat anything too hard too quickly because you might hurt the area. Eat like soups, mashed potatoes, pancakes were soft enough for me around the second or third day. Spaghetti O's were good too. Anything soft for about 4 to 5 days, depends on how you feel. They should give you something if you're in pain, just ask. Don't be nervous, haha, I was. When I walked in, they put me in the chair and knocked me out right away. I was like you're going to put me to sleep already...then I fell asleep right after I said that. The procedure doesn't take more than 45 min to an hour. Then you wake up, go home, sleep, and eat soft foods for a while. Good luck! Hope that answers your questions and gives you some reassurance.


I completely understand where you're coming from. I just got mine out a few months ago, and I was freaking out. It really is not a big deal though. My surgeon used a needle to knock me out completely. I am a needle-phobe too, but the time between them sticking it in your arm, and you falling "asleep" is so short, that you really have no time to think about it. The surgery will probably not be done at your dentist, but at a different office that specifically deals with oral surgery. The recovery can depend on a lot of things. If your teeth are impacted, then it will probably hurt more. Also, if your surgeon doesn't do a good job, it might hurt more as well. You won't be able to eat much though, just mashed potatoes and jell-o. You might want to consider getting done on a three day weekend, just to make sure you have enough time to recover. Good luck!


Got mine out yesterday morning... It's not that bad at all. I went to an oral surgeon, they gave me laughing gas. By the time they stuck the needle in my arm to put me to sleep I didn't even care. Next thing I knew I woke up and it was all over. I haven't felt any pain yet. Everyone makes it out to be this huge deal, but it's not. Like I said, I haven't felt any pain and it's been almost 36 hours since I got them done. You'll be out that first day, but after that I've been out and around the house. Don't sweat it.


i got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same age as you , and i too never had a surgery and am afraid of needles. i wasnt put under, i only had a local anesthetic and im glad i did. just make sure you bring some music and headphones, close your eyes and try to relax as much as possible. its scary, but its not going to kill you or hurt at all. i was fine to go out in about 3 hours. you will be prescribed pain killers. if you get local anesthetic you can get it done at the dentists office, if you want to have general anesthetic (so your asleep during the procedure) youll have to go to the hospital. most people will admit to you that getting widoms pulled is really not a big deal once its over and done with.


ok well i was like 13 when i had all four of mine out. I had mine done in an oral surgeon's office. I was completely knocked out and the anesthetic was given to by through and IV. I got to leave like right after they were done pulling the teeth. it took me about 2 days to recover, and it didn't really hurt, only maybe the first night, but i took pain killers, and i'm guessing you will too. But i had fat cheeks for a few days afterward. And for awhile, like a day, after having the surgery, you won't want to eat dairy products, you will probably throw them up. Hope this helps good luck it really isn't that bad i had to do it when i was 13 and now i'm 15. i was kinda nervous too and i had never had surgery before just remember it really isn't that bad :)


1. anestesia will be either gas or needle. I had the needle done. Yes you will be completely asleep. It will be admisistered through your arm. It is done at a doctors office. No you leave within 2 hours of the opeation. The recovery is fine. I don't really recommend that you have them pulled too early because you run the risk of a fever. I waited until they started bothering me because why get them out if their not bothering you?


Well to be frank... whether you go under or not depends on how much you will pay for the procedure. Some go under, others have their gums numbed while the procedure is done. Obviously most go for going under... I personally didn't want to see my teeth being extracted, so I went under. When I went under, it was like a dream. I was awake and able to answer questions, but things were hazy, and I didn't feel anything. For example, the doctor would ask how I was doing. I don't know if he asked more than once but I remember saying that I was "O.K.". After the treatment, I took prescription painkiller for maybe a week. I also had gauss in my mouth directly after the treatment, to help clot things up. Honestly... it isn't so bad. Your cheeks will probably puff up a bit on the sides, but not nearly like a chipmunk. It is very slight. As far as diet goes, try egg drop soup. Or just soup in general. But as you said, you've had braces.. so I imagine you know what not to eat after having your braces tightened - it's kind of like that. Just try to stick to liquids and soups for a week. I know it'll be hard, but you don't want to risk anything opening up. Final advice for tooth extraction is... :drumroll: Don't stress. I know it will be hard, but it isn't that bad. If there is anything you are unclear on, obviously you can add more details here and others will probably answer it - otherwise your doctor will have to answer what questions you have, as it is a surgery, albeit a minor one. Hope this helps! :) Added: I too am squeamish when it comes to needles, but trust me... going under is preferable to being numbed and seeing the operation happen. Although there might be an option for the mask - try calling about it? Also, try making a list of things you want to ask your doctor. You could bring it in beforehand or call the front desk and ask -- they should be equipped to answer your questions.



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