Would anyone care if I commited suicide?

Would anyone care if I commited suicide?

Would anyone care if I commited suicide?


Misery please don't commit suicide! If you feel you are a danger to yourself please go to the doctor and seek help and anti depressants because they really helped me during my late teens and they could seriously improve your life! with them you may gain confidence and meet new people and see life in a much more positive light! Don't worry about your exam results it's over now and you can't change the past, but focus on making a better future for yourself and working harder next time around. If education means alot to you throw your time into it to distract you from your pain. You are not worthless, everyone has a purpose on this earth and maybe you haven't discovered yours yet, but you will. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Good luck and please seek help for those dark thoughts before they take over every system in your body x


Of course people would care! My mum is always in and out of hospital having tried to commit suicide and what it does to the people who love and care for her is awful. It breaks my heart to the point I cry so hard I can barely breathe. I blame myself because I live in a different country and can't help her - just think what this would do to your family and friends. They'd have to live the rest of their lives blaming themselves and grieving - that's such a cruel thing to do. My mum has mental illness and literally cannot control these suicide urges. You MUST tell someone family or a friend or a doctor how you are feeling. They can help. Don't just ignore it. Please see someone!! OK you didn't get your grades, but where one door closes another opens. Right now it doesn't feel like it because you are feeling so depressed. See a doctor, get some medication to help lift your moods and in a couple of months things will start looking brighter and you can then work out where to go from here. My sister didn't get 1 GCSE and she thought the same as you, but a few years on she is now an NVQ assessor on a brilliant wage...I on the other hand got amazing grades, went to college, got piles of qualifications and a diploma and after having a fantastic job, had a child and my grades didn't matter no more and i ended up working in a clothing store! Seriously, there is more to life then your grades. You feel you fail at everything because your self esteem has hit rock bottom. Your doctor may be able to put you in touch with a counsellor to help build your self esteem up. I suffer from depression, self harmed etc and my counsellor was amazing. Tell someone NOW x


I do care...I humbly think everyone should care... cause it's bluntly opposed to both the written and unwritten nature's and humans' laws-as well... and to plain, normal logic and common- sense...and cause there has to be some other way out...failing an exam is fixable thereafter...even trying to kill yourself- even if and when you ''fail''- may leave crippled enough- both physically and mentally- to the point you can't be ''fixed'' up to your physical and mental performances of your young- sorry- very young age...and health...how do you expect no matter who of us NOT to care?!?! I can't help but quoting the late John Donne's (Scottish poet) words:''Every human's death harms me- as I am included into humanity. And therefore NEVER shall you ask for whom the bell tolls. For you it tolls'' Furthermore-and to the point-there has/ve to be other solution/s to your problem now- solution that will leave you here- and allow you to enjoy a normal , dignified life... to which you're as entitled as everyone of us...give it a nice, thorough piece of meditation before even thinking of ruining and mocking to the dearest gift we've ever got here: life itself...and our future generations... May God bless you...


I would care if you are serious please call a suicide HOTLINE a lot of great and successfull people have failed time and and time again you are only a failure if you quit trying You must be very smart you are just under a lot of stress you can always retest you are very young and what you fret over today you wont even remember 10 years from now just relax talk to someone a little get a way might help to see things in a different light you are meant to be in this world


You really should be looking for spiritual guidance. Life always throws challenges at us. Even the people we most admire often have thoughts like you have. You will only see this when you are prepared to look for the truth. On your journey you will find peace and that things are the way they are meant to be. Taking your own life is the silliest thing you can do because it is from our failures we learn new things and find the right path to follow.


you clearly have some kind of depression working on you that need to be dealt with asap,talk to your gp/doctor about your thoughts,this can be treated and no one needs to know,but it has to be treated.....if you don't make it to uni then why the big deal,it only uni,,,you sound as if you are under pressure to get to uni,if so i take it this pressure is from you parents maybe,,,,,this is unfair on you,,,you need to talk to your gb asap,,,there is a place for you on this earth,everyone has there place,there destiny,,,,where that be collecting the trash,driving a bus or what ever,the world could not go round and work everyday if it was not for people doing what ever they do....please seek help,,,there is light at the end of the tunnel i can assure you!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,beside that think about that the pain you would cause to your family and friends,,,would that be fair on them,,,i don't think so,,,suicide is a one way ticket if you carry it through,,is it really that bad,,,you can beat this and come out a winner if you seek help,,,in years to com toy will look back and wonder what the hell was that all about!!!!


If u are a good person everyone cares about and if u are a bad person still some people cares about. And suicide is the stupidiest mistake that some people thinks its a solution of some stupid problem... Any problem aint not bigger than life... Wish u the best. Peace be with u. God bless u. Take care..


Believe me alot of people would be affected,do not that your existance is not by mistake by you were predestined by the almighty God.He knew you before you were born and he has great plans for you.please just take some time and read Jeremiah 1vs1-5,29vs11 from your bible.When it comes to flopping at everything you do,I have been there.Every that I touched would either break if it's fragile or just turn into a mess.I became the talk of the house cause a day would not go by without doing something wrong but believe suicide is not the solution.Accept and value yourself even when nobody seems to care,above all remember that God loves with an everlasting love.I care,they care,we all care.


Family, friends and other people would care. Don't commit suicide... that's not gonna solve your problems at all. Talk to an adult about this, im sure they will be able to help you. Speak to a family member about this. Just think you never know the next day could be the best day of your life, so don't waste it. Your so young, don't commit suicide when your life's just starting out.



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