Would I get accepted for medicaid this time?

Would I get accepted for medicaid this time?

Would I get accepted for medicaid this time?


http://miami.about.com/od/governmentcity... http://www.medicaidresource.com/form_con... Medicaid is based on TOTAL household income, which would be your income of $700 per month plus your aunts income, and any other person living there. My guess is that you are over age 19, not pregnant, and your total household income is too much to qualify. Even if you had had Medicaid in the past, once you turn age 19, it stops. As for your dental work, suggest you contact a dental school for the needed work. They will charge you based on income, so could possibly get done for a few thousand vs $7,000. You may also need to look for free clinics, which maybe possible a few times a year that maybe offered for your health concerns. Or, the only other alternative is to find a full time job that offers both health and dental insurance. Very few part time jobs offer any benefits at all. good luck


Most states won't give Medicaid to able bodied adults. The ones that do, severely limit dental coverage for adults. Even if you DO live in a state that will give you Medicaid with Dental, they pay to take out your teeth - not to give you root canals or crowns. You're not going to qualify for Medicaid just because you have a bunch of dental work you want to have done. Plus, if your aunt doesn't claim the rent you pay her on her taxes, it's not REALLY a rental agreement - it's really her supporting you, and her income will then count, as well.


The answer depends on your state. In some states you cannot get welfare if you are an able bodied adult no matter how much you make. Other states will provide welfare for people of any age if they have certain medical conditions, but I don't know of any state that uses asthma, heart murmurs, or dental problems as a qualifying condition. Also, if you apply and you put down you pay rent to your aunt they could check to see if your aunt is reporting that as income, and if not your aunt could have IRS problems.


Borrow some money from your aunt to go to a clinic and see a doctor. Find a county clinic that also has dental services if possible. Also look for free clinics. You might find a clinic inside a hospital or not. You may have to wait for an appointment. You might keep looking for a second job to pay for dental work.


If your aunt's income plus your income is too much, then you won't get approved. If your aunt's income plus your income plus anyone else in the household is low enough, then you might get approved. Medicaid acceptance is based on the total, combined income of everyone in the entire household. It does not matter how much (if any) of that income is your own. Even if your income is $0, you cannot get accepted if the total household income is too high because of the income of someone else in the household.



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