Would it be fine if you as a Japanese person went to Las Vegas USA and they had "No Japanese" establishments?

Would it be fine if you as a Japanese person went to Las Vegas USA and they had "No Japanese" establishments?

Would it be fine if you as a Japanese person went to Las Vegas USA and they had "No Japanese" establishments?


There are "No Gaijin" establishments in Japan and establishments that require foreigners to have Japanese friends or escorts with them. Some establishments even specify the type of foreigner that they don't want, like "No Blacks" or "No Russians". If Japanese people wanted to go some place and they were not allowed, they would probably complain while still keeping their Japanese-only establishments. We find this behavior in all races, actually, so it's no surprise. the solution to this problem is simply to acquire and utilize power.


Welcome to MOSQUE, the Ministry Of Silly QUEstions. Your question has been plopped on our desk because, well, it is silly. It is silly because although there are some users on here who seem to be trying to deliberately obtuse, it is obvious you are trying to make a point about Japanese establishments not allowing foreigners at times. This is silly because under your conditions THE SITUATION IS NO LONGER TAKING PLACE IN JAPAN. This means that the laws have changed. And in the U.S. it is against the law to forbid entry based on race, color, creed, sex or several other things. This is NOT the case in Japan. So, you are comparing apples and oranges and doing so in a very silly, transparent manner. And good for you for not trying to state any facts, this could very well have moved your question from the arena of silliness slap into the middle of stupidity. So, for you final answer, and as you already know, the police would come and there might be a civil suit in which the plantiff (Japanese, or at least the attorney representing the Japanese client) would receive a lot of money and the right to diddle the defendant's first born daughter. We do hope we have been of assistance in pointing out your silliness. Please leave the silly grin on your face. It becomes you.


not a problem at all!


Do they have "No Americans" signs in Japan? They did have a lot of anti-Japanese stuff going on during WWII here in America. American military presence could be a reason for anti-American signs in other countries. I don't get the question. We as Americans made rules against that because we choose to embrace our diversity and treat people more fairly. We aren't perfect and have a lot of racism still, but places that put blatant signs up like that are a rarity these days. They used to be everywhere in our country - No Irish, No Indians, Colored Only, etc..... Sad state of affairs when signs like that start appearing.


Don't understand this question man..


What does " discrimination " have to do with Japanese ' establishments in Las Vegas ? There are Japanese businessses in Las Vegas..


There are no such establishments - get your info straight


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reminds me of those "whites only" signs in america.



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