Would United Concordia cover this?

Would United Concordia cover this?

Would United Concordia cover this?


are you a spouse or dependent child the dental insurance stinks you pay most of it its like civilian dental insurace


there will be a co pay.. as high as 80%.


I have a partial just like that, and am also a military spouse. Concordia paid 50% and I paid 50% Bad part is, they will only pay that Once every 5 years Bad Part.. that one appointment used up my entire cap for the year, everything thing now is out of pocket costs Concordia does not pay for implants... ever. Implants are considered "Cosmetic" Concorida will also not pay for flexible partials, only the standards ones with metal. I found a Dentist that wrote off the extra costs of my flexibles and charged me for the ones Concordia would pay for. If you go in with full payment there are dentists that will "help you out" and provide a better service than Concordia will provide for the same costs.



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