Your Prayers Are Helping...?

Your Prayers Are Helping...?

Your Prayers Are Helping...?


Praise the Lord, sugar! I used to suffer with anxiety, too, but not as much now. (((((((HUGS & HOLY KISSES))))))! Bless you! Peace be with you, and I love you! Praying for you, I will, Sister-In-Christ! :-) Then you got to email me the turn out!


Praise God, prayer is a wonderful and glorious thing. And you are living proof of this verse, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28) I will lift you up in prayer this week. God bless


Angelina! this is awesome news! I was happy to pray with you the first time, and I'll be happy to do so again. I know God is pleased when we take our anxieties to Him! And of course, I'll be praying for you again, asking Him to give you a calmness in your heart, and to rest in His arms as you face your fears. May you sense His presence through this whole time. And you're right - nothing is more encouraging than answered prayers! † Travelling Prayer Warrior †


Angelina, Thank you for sharing this. Nothing makes me happier than to hear how God is blessing someone else and how He is making Himself known to you. Nothing will help build your faith more than reading the Bible - especially the New Testament. It is there we learn the lessons that can carry us safely through this life - and after that, Heaven!


Angelina, I am so happy that the Lord is making Himself known to you! It would be an honor to lift you in prayer! Father, we lift up Your daughter, Angelina and we thank You that You are delivering her from her fears. We thank You that You are a God who delivers His people. Father, send Your Holy Spirit to comfort her and give her peace that passes all understanding. Help her to be calm for her dental work. Father, guide the hand of the dentist so that she will not feel pain. Give Angelina confidence knowing that You will deliver her from fear. Thank You Father that she is a believer who puts her faith in You. Put joy in her heart knowing that You are with her in all situations! Father, we thank You and give You glory! In Jesus' name..........amen! God bless you dear Angelina! I am here to agree in prayer with you anytime! Just email me! †In His Service Prayer Warrior†


honey I am so glad that you believe in prayers. We are all praying for you . We are praying for your piece of mind and that you won't worry about the day that is coming up. We all have fears of some kind, and we need to stop and pray to the Lord that all will be well in which ever situation that come to us. He brings us to it, he will bring us through it. You be strong and Let the Lord do the rest. He love you and doesn't want you to worry about something that is is to come. God Bless .I will be praying for your piece of mind.Many(( huggs)) to you. May you have a Blessed week..


I will pray for you for peace and courage during your visit to the dentist. God cares about even the smallest details of our lives, and He will give you the strength to get through this.


That is a very nice Praise report, and I'm Praising God for answered Prayer. He will also help you through you ordeal at the Dentist also, you Know? I will Be Praying about that too. God is good, ALL the time! Just Have faith , and Trust Him. You will See. God Bless YOU. In Jesus Name......Jer 33:3 Victorious Prayer Warrior


Amen! Praise God!



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