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Help! No dental and may possibly have an infection!?
You should check to see if there's any free or cheap dental clinics in your area. If not, some dentist will allow you to make payments. Hope you get it taken care of soon.

Does healthy kids do dental care?
It depends- what state are you in? Michigan or New Hampshire? If so, it does look like you can get dental care. You just have to find a dentist that will accept Healthy Kids.

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?
Wow! you asked alot of questions....I have been a dental assistant, so I will answer that one. I went to a community college (in Nebraska). It was 1yr. program in Dental Assisting. It had all aspects of the dental office. I then took the exam and became a certified dental assistant, which...

Should i major in Dental Hygiene or Pre-Dentistry at UNC Chapel Hill?
Pre-Dentistry. It is not a degree, nor is it a major or a minor. It is a plan of action that is designed to prepare you to meet the requirements for admission into dental school, in addition to completing a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. Pre-dental programs that help prepare someone who plans to...

Sr citizen looking for low income dentist? This is a Microsoft Word file which lists low-income dental clinics for San Diego County. I wish you the best in your search for good dental care.