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Help! No dental and may possibly have an infection!?
You should check to see if there's any free or cheap dental clinics in your area. If not, some dentist will allow you to make payments. Hope you get it taken care of soon.

What city would a misfit, such as myself, fit in at?
In the North Pole with Hermey the elf/dentist from "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer's Christmas special." You could sing a duet together--"Why am I such a misfit?" Berkeley CA if full of weirdoes too. Also, NYC (especially Greenwich Village). But you will know that you are trouble if ppl in...

Dentists in lincoln ne medicaid?

Root canal procedure?
If the dentist is able to complete the root canal in one visit your next appointment will consist of preparing the tooth for a crown and taking the impressions. Also a temporary crown will be placed. Then a couple of weeks later you will return to have the permanent crown cemented to place...

When Jehovah's Witnesses go to the dentist, and swallow their own blood, do they worry about it?
I honestly think the JWs Governing Body would want to drop the blood ban but are afraid of lawsuits. ..whatever the case it makes them bloodguilty for the thousands of lives lost each year. ..especially the innocent can the Governing Body sleep at night?..