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Jaw keeps clicking and locking?
Sounds like TMJ. Go back and enquirer about it. Mine regular locks up and clicks all the time. I only found out what it was when I went to my dentist 4 days ago and she mentioned that I need to make a new appointment to help it. The longer you leave it you may have to have surgery later in...

Do dentists live in apartments temporarily before buying a nice big house?
I'm not going to bother addressing the dentist part of this question, just the real estate stuff. Dentists are individuals like you and me. They all have different living situations, expenses, etc. Some come from wealthy families and they have no student loans debt to pay for and they might...

Question about Dog Dentistry.?
First of all, have you checked with your vet? Sometimes teeth get knocked loose and they tighten back up.

How to change to a healthy sleep habit?
If you do not want to nurse to sleep that's one thing, but its not in the best interest of your child as nursing to sleep and at night is often the only time a baby nurses well. On demand breast feeding is NOT related to dental caries, however since the dental profession has ZERO treatments...

Does this sound like a real life Dr House?
It depends on how sensitive you are. If it makes you uncomfortable, you should see someone with better bedside manners and with a better rating. You might be too scared to ask important questions or to question him when something unexpected happens. He may be blunt and honest but he doesn't...