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Career of a Dentist?
Dentists earning a lot of money can sometimes by a misconception. Dentists, especially during the first 10 years, are mainly in debt up to their eyeballs. They have to go WAY in debt just to do the schooling, and then MORE in debt to buy the equipment and building and employees and supplies...

Local Orlando Dentist? Good price and good dr?
I've had good experiences with Dr Vidal. He is located in Oviedo near the Oviedo mall. Below is a link to his yellow pages listing. Pricing wasn't too bad and he was very friendly. Didn't get the feeling he was trying to sell me on unneccesary procedures, like some dentists I've been to.

Does anyone know an NHS dentist in London?
London's a big city, any area in particular? Try calling NHS Direct on 08454647 and ask them for a list of NHS Dental Surgeries in your local area. You will not get anything for free unless you are receiving Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Pension Credit, under 18 years of age, aged...

What are the Florida Dental hygiene requirements?
Go to and you will find it. Good Luck