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With a wide vocal range, what is the best song to use at an audition for a male?
These are great MALE SOLOS for Auditions A FELLOW NEEDS A GIRL.. Allegro A MAN OF HIGH DEGREE... Strike up the Band AFTER SHOCKS... Next to Normal AIN'T LIFE FINE.. Adventures of Tom Sawyer ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE... Seusical the Musical ALWAYS A WOMAN... 9 to...

Ok so i have a question about dentistry. My life seriously depends on this. Its REALLY important!!? Check this out. It seems to say that some other training is necessary for Dentists who want to 'transfer' their training from Australia to the U.S. Here is a list of schools where you can get this additional training:

Any dentist that could answer some questions for me for a school assignment? - Dr. Anthony J. Kohler DDS

BROKEN TOOTH HELP? dr SAM? dentist or?
I think my tooth is cracked, too. I have to keep a constant supply of cold water directly on the tooth or it will hurt so bad I might pass out or kill myself. Literally. Try it. It may help you, too. Careful, it might do the opposite, though.

Fixing adult TMJ with overbite (for tooth975)?
Please edit your question with the website of this dentist so that I may take a look at it and forward you my opinion. Acupuncture is only an adjunct procedure to help resolve pain but there are other ways to do the same thing - physiotherapy, chiropractics, cranio-sacral therapy to name a...