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Popular Q&A

Im looking for a chidrens dentist in mississauga canada? This guy has a specialty with the department of Pediatric Dentistry, AND is in Mississauga. The only doctors that I have PERSONAL knowledge of are the ones at The Hospital for Sick Children downtown.

Digital X-rays for teeth?
Digital x-rays are basically the same as regular x-rays with one exception. The film does not need to be developed, it's automatically displayed on a computer screen. Just like a digital camera compared to an older 35mm camera where you had to take the film to the drugstore for processing....

Need urgently a very good Dentist in Houston (Katy) Texas?
I've taken my three sons 30 miles away to this dentist for years, he is excellent. R. W. Hollenberg, D.D.S. ~ Pediatric Dentist 830 South Mason Rd., Suite B-2 ¦ Katy, Texas 77450 (281) 392-3333 fax (281) 392-4083

What do you do if you have a dental emergency and the dentist isnt around? Any suggestions in NJ?
Call around to other dentists until you can get in as an emergency patient. It will cost alot less than going to the ER where all they will do is to give you a couple of prescriptions. Good luck

Any good dentists in Glasgow westend?
sorry i don't know any in westend but there is a brilliant one on duke street which i travel miles to get to cause they are utterly the best, they do all dental work and also cosmetic work too they are called Commonwealth dentist this is their website: