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Popular Q&A

Please suggest me Bible of these [Reference Books].?
The Whole Pediatrician Catalog came in three volumes, by Julia McMillan, MD and others. It was/is full of tables, tidbits and resource for common and arcane signs and symptoms. The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes the Red Book, the report of the committee on infectious diseases. It...

What is the proper way to job search for a dental assistant job?
I agree that either calling the dental office(s) first and asking if one may complete an application and leave a copy of a resume and cover letter or stopping in and asking for a job application and leaving one's resume and cover letter. Even with retail, where a friend of mine used to work...

How much is my 1980s dentist chair worth?
Not many people would collect sure a large antique, so probably not as much as you are hoping.

How many years of college will I have to take to become a dentist and what major and which college in CA?
This may sound sort of generic, but you should go to college wherever you want to go and major in whatever you like. In both cases, you'll get better grades than if you force yourself to study something you hate. At the same time, you will want to go to a respectable school and get good grades...

Where the PH.D. in dentistry after doing MDS in prosthodontics can be done in india?
Dr. Vanchit John - Assistant Professor and Director, Predoctoral Periodontics B.D.S. - Madras Dental College, Madras, India M.D.S. in Periodontics - Madras Dental College, Madras, India Certificate in Periodontics - Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis, Indiana M.S.D.Periodontics...