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Popular Q&A

Lost, scared, and not knowing what to do?
hey! i live in ft. worth, so i know your school is challenging. what i was told when applying to college is that most colleges would much rather see you with lower AP grades than higher regular classes, plus youre in so many extracurricular activities and they will LOVE that, especially seeing...

Dubai dentist job UAE?
Well there is nothing difficult as long as u have access to internet. There are ,for sure, many dentist jobss in Dubai. Keep looking at:

How would a dentist fix a chipped tooth?
It depends on the type of chip. If it's badly chipped and broken, it may need a crown to protect and repair the tooth. If it's a minor chip, especially in the front teeth, it can be repaired with filling material. For a front tooth you may want to find a dentist that has experience with cosmetic...

Help me choose magazines/newpapers! BusinessWeek or Newsweek, Boston Globe or NY Times...etc.?
I am so impressed with your question and your desire to have the best sources. My take on this: stay with TIME magazine, it's great. As to Globe vs. NYT, I'd go with the Times ... if you really want to have that many papers every day. Don't forget the NYT is available online, and their editorial...

Dentist Emergency In NJ Tooth Infection New Jersey?
Most Dentist's if you call them off hours will give you a phone number to call for a emergency dentist. Some times they won't pull a tooth if it is very infected, he may need a stronger antibiotic...Good Luck