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Popular Q&A

Birth control? cumming inside? hpv? bleeding??
I have done a TON of research on HPV. I have seen several HPV specialists too and I feel that I should pass on what I've learned so far to keep everyone better informed. I will talk more specifically about the high risk strain which is what I have... HPV can be passed through oral, anal,...

HELP! Salary the same or declining despite experience and additional skills..?
From reading that long diatribe it seems you have entered the "pity me" zone and haven't focused your search hard enough on jobs that pay. And truthfully, there is nothing wrong with earning less than 30k at 30. I am approaching 28 and I am still at only $25k per annum. Sure it isn't the best...

Flute: Third octave (D6 to C7) is there a method to reaching those higher notes?
John, from the question you have poster on YA, I can tell that you are a beginner. You need a TEACHER. You also need a good fingering chart - The most difficult thing about playing flute is the embouchure (BTW - never tryst some idiot who cannot SPELL it right...

Good English-speaking dentist in Taipei?
Don't remember the name of the dentist, but I go to his clinic : Room 2005, 20th floor 333 Keelung Road Sec. 1 (the tall building next to taipei 101) Gentle dentist who speaks good english, in a zen-like clinic with a fabolous view of taipei...

What dentists in canton ohio accept medicaid?
check with your local health dept as well as the local dentists. make a few phone calls and speak to the front desk employees. often they will be able to give you an idea where to look if they do not accept it in their office.