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Popular Q&A

Is it too late for me to pursue dentistry?
its never too late to fallow your dreams. The oldest college graduate was in his 90's. he never gave up because life got in the way. I have come to the conclusion and realization what the key to success is. The key is to find whatever makes you happy, and pursue it with all your heart !

How do I get over a Dentist fear?
I was very afraid of going to the dentist when i was a little younger than you. I had this terrible woman who never explained anything to me, was rude to both me and my mom and was just no very friendly. She made every single experience there horrible for me. I remmeber I would always get sick...

Odd for a Dentist?
It is unfortunate that it is not considered normal. He was doing what is called a head and neck exam. This is the dentist's area of medicine. Contrary to popular belief, dentists are medical practitioners. Believe it or not, their most important job is checking for head and neck cancer. It...

What universities do dentistry in uk?
List of UK dental schools All of them are 'good'. It is very difficult to get into any of them. You need at least AAA grades to have a chance

Do you believe in the conspiracies that Hitler did not die in Berlin?
Statements like "I personally believe,""you heard somewhere," "there is no way to prove his claim but it's at least something," "I know that hitler...," and "I honestly don't want to believe this theory" destroy your credibility. Other statements like "there is just more evidence that he did...