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Popular Q&A

The best price on rebuliding and putting in implants in the mouuth must be good dentist?
While a basic implant is typically $1,250. to $3,000., depending on your circumstances additional costs for things like in the case of a posterior mandible, bone regeneration, sinus elevation, and wide diameter or narrow diameter implants quickly escalate to as much as $15,000 to $30,000. for...

Help! Horrible toothaches! Please be serious!?
If you are that poor and without insurance, don't you qualify for Medicaid? If you are in severe pain find a dental school and call- they will help you. No dental school near you? Call the local dental society, call 411 for the #. Ask the dental society where you can receive indigent care...

Tooth975 please help?
The IAO is an international organization. If there are no members near you then I am unable to help.The only dentist I know in your part of the ocean is Dr. William Clark in Scotland (Glasgow, I believe). He invented the Twin Block appliance that is in widespread use in the USA by dentists...

Just went to the dentist?
Amma,Did they do the x-rays already and they sent them to a Orthodontist? If so then it could take up to 2-weeks for the report to get back to the Dentist. Hope everything works out well.........Rita

Reining/Western trainers/lesons around Grand Rapids, MI?
Let's see - I live in Flint - there are a good 3 or more I know of. - In Saginaw Michigan, Bill Thomas - Bill Thomas Performance horses. - In Portland Michigan (I think that's where - close to Lansing MI) - Pat ...trying to think of last name...I can't remember - In Freeland Michigan, Gene...